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Detailed voicemails

Posted by sweens on December 15, 2009

Dear Abby,

I would like to offer a suggestion to candidates who are leaving voicemails for recruiters.  Please make your voicemails more detailed rather then less detailed.  It should be noted the a recruiter is likely working on multiple roles at the same time and are likely working with more then one candidate.  Leaving a message similar to “please call me back in regards to the role we were speaking about…” might not click right away for the recruiter.

 For example, I, at the moment, am working on 3 roles that are what I would call active (I am actively seeking candidates).  One of those roles requires 9 resources.  Because of this, I am speaking to roughly 25 people on a semi-regular basis in regards to filling all the open positions I have.  It is easy from time to time when dealing with so many people all at once to mix the candidates to one of the jobs I have been working on and thus the theme for this post. 

 Please keep your voicemails detailed – helps those of us out who are a little over worked right before the holidays!!!

               Sincerely – Swamped Recruiter

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Following up on a job: It’s like dating…

Posted by sweens on June 24, 2009

I think some candidates need to realize that at times they can walk a fine line between following up with a recruiter and stalking them.  I recently came in one morning and had 17 (no I am not exaggerating) messages from the same number.  However the messages only involved the sound of the person hanging up the phone.  No actual message.

 Naturally, the next day the number called me again and I was a little hesitant to answer the phone so I was hoping the person would leave me a message.  No message was left but another 12 hang ups were.  I mean really, enough is enough.  Leave me a message so I know who is calling and what you are calling about.

 We live in a world where almost everyone has caller ID – in fact I can not even think of someone who does not have caller ID.  This means that your call is showing up somewhere.  There are times throughout the day when I am busy and will not answer my phone.  Perhaps I am on my cell phone or even working down the hall in a boardroom.  God forbid I may even be interviewing a candidate and am simply unable to pick up my phone at that moment.  The solution to getting in touch with a recruiter who you are having difficulty connecting to is to leave them a message and let them call you back.

Calling a recruiter 15 times a day is not the solution. 

 Getting a recruiter to call you back can sometimes be like giving your phone number out at the bar.  Once you get that number, how quickly should you call them?  How many times should you call them?  Ultimately, there reaches a point where you just have to give up and say “he or she is just not interested in me”.

 I am not suggesting the a candidate give up, but candidates need to be aware that recruiters often work on tight deadlines and finding candidates as quickly as possible can usually be the best way to close business.  With that in mind, the position you want to talk to me about, may not be the number one thing on my priority list.  It does not mean that I will not call you back; it just means that right now I have something else I need to do.  While finding a job is likely your number one priority, the job you are applying for may not be my number one priority yet.

 I can appreciate the passion any candidate puts into finding a job and following up with me.  I just want to say – be careful of how aggressively you tackle this.  Candidates who call me too many times in a day remind me of trying to get a girl on a date and calling her 10 times without leaving a message.  It will just end up making me look bad and will act as a turn off.  Is she going to want to date me?

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