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Telerik: Who’s got it, who wants it, who’s using it…

Posted by sweens on August 12, 2009

Following up on yesterday’s blog post, I also have an order for a Web Developer who has experience using Telerik RAD Controls which has given me great problems.  While I have found a few candidates with this experience, more then one of them suggested that they try to stay away from projects with this experience. 

 Can anyone tell me why?  Is there something about this product that I do not know?

 This is the second position that has come my way of late where I have had to chase after a scarce technology or skill set.  Perhaps it is the time of year that brings out this type of position.  I am inclined to believe that it is not just me who finds this scarce.  Perhaps that is just what I want to believe, but either way, aside from my searches I have not seen many applicants for the position.

 Frustrated and confused…please shed some light!

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