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Stick to what you know…

Posted by sweens on April 24, 2009

This is a thought I have had lately with regards to a recruiter tackling a position that is not within their area of continual focus.  What I mean by this is simply that the more you recruit a specific position (DBA, HR Generalist, Project Manager, etc) the more you learn about that specific position.  If you are continually looking for Project Managers, when you see a good Project Manager resume it just jumps out at you and you have the ability to read between the lines.


You have likely spoken to numerous candidates with the experience that is of focus to you – so when you see similar information on another resume, you can understand what was meant by a certain task or detail. 


This came to me as a thought as I took a quick glance for an Engineer with SCADA experience.  As I searched for Engineers, I noticed that their resumes were written in a format that was uncommon for me.  At each place of employment, most candidates listed projects they had worked on but without any timelines.  Example – some people had worked at the same company for 3 years but worked on 7 projects.


Being someone that does not recruit engineers and knows nothing about engineering, I have next to no idea how much time any given project would take.  As such, I found myself in a tough spot when I had to evaluate their experience. 


As such, I would suggest that it is best for a firm and their recruiters to specialize in something particular (IT roles, HR roles, Sale Roles, etc).  Continually working on similar positions allows you to understand several important factors:


         Market rate for the desired skill set

         What the market demand is for that skill set

         The amount of available resources within the market

         Technologies or skills required for the position

         Allows you to build a base of candidates

         Gives you a jump start on your positions, rather then starting from scratch


Focusing the business strategy and your recruitment scope is an important step in maintaining and growing a successful placement business.

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