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Big Dollars in SAP: If I knew then what I know now…

Posted by sweens on July 22, 2009

Well once again I am back on the SAP train searching for SAP professional to fill a contract position I am working on.  Again I find myself jealous at their pay rates.  I wonder if people who look back on their careers today, would make a change in their career if they applied what they know now today, back when they were entering university.

 I once took an object oriented programming (OOP) class in University which I struggled immensely with.  I could never have imagined myself doing that type of work as a career.  But now that I have a career and I place people with OOP skills, I might have put more thought into it then – now that I see the potential they have.

 But there is potential everywhere, isn’t there?

 I have a friend from high school who has been asking me to review his CV as he gets more professional experience to put on it.  He is currently working as an SAP ABAP programmer.  I wonder if he knows what kind of money he can be making in three years, because I certainly know where he should be!

 Does anyone else have these thoughts?  Would anyone else have made a career switch had they had more information?  As Rod Stewart would sing “I wish that I knew what I know, now when I was younger”.

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Scarce resources: Not so scarce anymore??

Posted by sweens on May 21, 2009

Perhaps I am reading into things, but I am certainly leaning towards the notion that the current labour conditions have affected any type of IT position around. I say this because in the last two weeks I have had two requirements that I normally would struggle to find someone for – but for some reason, I have turned up numerous quality candidates.

I am speaking about SharePoint and SAP resources. While finding candidates with this skill set may not seem to be difficult, finding ones that have a secret level of clearance is.

Yet for some reason these once ‘scarce’ resources do not seem so hard to find. While I am sure I will not be able to place everyone I have been speaking to, this is certainly giving me the opportunity to build my book of candidates and grow my network.

Whatever is going on right now is good for any recruiter who will be around once the economy comes back. Building up your database now should be a priority for any and every staffing firm.

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Specializing in SAP

Posted by sweens on April 21, 2009

As I currently look to staff a specialized SAP position, I can see the dollar value of the contract increase with the more specialized SAP module required. Not only is working in the SAP market big dollars, but working on a rare SAP module like Plant Maintenance (PM) or Master Data Management (MDM) commands even higher dollars.

As discussed before, this is likely driven by the fact that specific SAP training costs big bucks. But training is not the only component needed to become one of these specialty SAP consultants. On the job experience is also required so get as much of it as you can.

 It must be one of the only IT jobs where you can easily make over $100,000 with 5 years of experience.

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Market update: still not good…

Posted by sweens on April 20, 2009

I have certainly been slacking on the blogging over the last two weeks but I have given myself a good kick in the butt and am back on the blogging train (I hope).  That being said, I am not overly sure what to blog about today – not that I am sure on any day.  Not much has changed over the last two weeks in the recruiting industry that I can see.


I feel like the market has reached a lull point in any direction.  I have not heard of any major layoffs as of late.  The number of resumes I am seeing has decreased.  Perhaps the panic stage has passed us by?  Or perhaps candidates simply no longer want to work with me?


But let us not fool ourselves.  It is still an extremely tough market.  There are more people completing for fewer jobs then before so the market is extremely tight.  Candidates need to find a way to push themselves to the front of the line and be seen.  All industries seem to be tough (including the recruiting industry).


Lately I have seen the following positions on a ‘frequent’ basis:


         Programmer / Analyst

         Project Manager




I have seen a drop in the following:


         Quality Assurance / Verification

         Business Analyst

         Database work


Obviously, the bulk of the positions I have been seeing pertain to Government contracts as they continue to spend like it is their job, but the private sector has completely slowed down.  I wonder if “it is always darkest just before the dawn” applies in this situation.

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SAP and PeopleSoft job boards…

Posted by sweens on March 31, 2009

Further to my post from yesterday, here are some job sites candidates should look at for both SAP and PeopleSoft positions.






It is important for candidates to explore all their options when searching for a new opportunity, and often times, niche job boards such as these can provide you with that new opportunity. 

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SAP vs PeopleSoft: Highest paying jobs?

Posted by sweens on March 30, 2009

Often times in my daily contact with candidates, I find myself engaged in conversations about what technologies are hot or what the high demand / big paying jobs are in the market today.  To those people who are willing to accept a new career path I suggest they look into two products – PeopleSoft or SAP.  Before we dive into these two products, I would say that if you lived in Ottawa and had a Secret level security clearance and experience with either PeopleSoft or SAP, you would be deciding which contracts you wanted and which ones you did not.


PeopleSoft and SAP offer both financial and human resources solutions to clients all around the world.  They are arguably the two biggest solutions on the market today and are found in many private and public sector clients in the Ottawa area.  What sparked this blog for me was that I was wondering how much certification for these positions cost.  This thought came to be as I worked on recruiting an SAP order and the person I was speaking to wanted to be paid $135 per hour.  Naturally I thought to myself “how can I get a job that pays as much?”


The answer is pretty simple – get a job in PeopleSoft or SAP.


But it comes at a price, a very large price.  Training for SAP and PeopleSoft is to say at the least ‘slightly’ on the expensive side.  Let us take for example someone who wants to train themselves as an SAP Netweaver MDM consultant.  You go to, find the training you are interested in and register for each class.  The MDM training has 7 courses that are required in order to complete the certification – ranging from a 4 hours to a 5 day course.    With an average (estimated) cost of $3000 – Canadian – per course, you are looking at over $20000 in order to certify yourself. 


All of a sudden, these high bill rates are starting to make sense to me.


I did a quick search on PeopleSoft training and the prices are comparable.  What a smart business model by Oracle (owners of PeopleSoft) and SAP.  Not only do they get to make money via the sale of the software, they get to make money on the training.  The training is also expensive enough to deter anyone who is not serious about it, and therefore keeps the supply in the market reasonably low. 


And there you have your high bill rates – highly trained and overly demanded professionals.  So I continue with my usual suggestion in that if you are looking for a high paying job – get into SAP or PeopleSoft.  While the training will cost you a pretty penny, you will certainly have the ability to make your money back (and then some) in a very short time frame. 

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