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Corporate profits likely headed downward this year: Conference Board

Posted by sweens on June 9, 2010

Canadian companies saw their profitability outlook weaken in May after a strong post-recession recovery, and will likely see a modest drop in the second half of year, according to Conference Board of Canada.

A leading indicator that tracks profits across Canada’s various industries fell 0.4 percentage points from April, the second month in a row it has registered such a drop, the Ottawa-based think-tank said Wednesday.

“The decline suggests that after experiencing a strong post-recession recovery, corporate profitability will weaken modestly in the second half of the year, as interest rates rise,” the Conference Board said in a statement.

“The outlook for most industries remains positive, but their rates of profit growth are expected to slow.”

The survey covered 49 industries, 39 of which saw an increase in May, improved from 37 in the previous month.

The profit weakness, however, is “not expected to derail the broader economic recovery,” it said.

Profit recovery among Canadian companies is expected to be “uneven” with volatility in commodity prices, currency exchange and interest rates hikes, which began earlier this month when the Bank of Canada raised its key lending rate from rock bottom to 0.5 per cent.

The Conference Board noted that indexes it tracks for Canada’s most influential sectors, such as trucking and wholesale trade, are still showing strong growth.—World/2010-06-09/article-1238034/Corporate-profits-likely-headed-downward-this-year%3A-Conference-Board/1

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Twitter as a recruitment tool: I’m not buying it…

Posted by sweens on May 5, 2009

I signed up for Twitter about a month ago which came out of a conversation with my boss about using it as a recruitment tool of some sort.  Since signing up I have not used it once.  No ‘tweets’ for me – yet somehow I have 21 users following me.  I am not sure why these people would want to follow me as I do not know any of them and I have no content for them to keep in touch with.

I get a lot of spam emails from my LinkedIn contacts who are trying to promote webinars or are sending out email marketing campaigns that deal with getting ‘on board’ the Twitter train and using it as an effective tool.  The problem for me is the number of words you can use per ‘tweet’ – which I have learned is 140. 

For me, I can not convey enough useful information to someone about a position I am looking to staff in 140 words.  Maybe I like to use too much detail?  Maybe not!  But one thing is for certain, I am a BIG believer that a job positing is not a list of requirements and an ‘apply here’ button.

Your job description has to give the audience a sense of the job.  What they are going to be expected to perform, deliverables, team size, organization, responsibilities, qualifications, etc.  Giving that information to anyone is simply not something I have been able to master in 140 words or less. 

This leaves me with no professional use for Twitter.  I logged in before I wrote this post and I saw a lot of people saying ‘I am doing so and so” or “hurry and get such and such before it leaves”.  While this may work for some products or some people, it does not work for me and does not help me recruit candidates.

The problem with publishing a non-detailed job description is that it attracts too many candidates – most of which will not be what you are looking for.  If I sat down and wrote a ‘tweet’ discussing a need to find an experienced QA Manager, I would not be able to clarify my need to find a QA Manager with automated testing experience, using LoadRunner with the management skills needed to deliver high level reports to CIOs and manage a staff of 20 junior testers.  While all at the same time, discussing the company and what it had to offer to any potential employee. 

As such, at this time in my career, I am going to have to say ‘NO’ to Twitter.  If I feel like sharing my thoughts to the world I can use my LinkedIn account to touch my professional connections or I can use Facebook to notify my friends.  Twitter is just too little too late in my case…

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