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Detailed voicemails

Posted by sweens on December 15, 2009

Dear Abby,

I would like to offer a suggestion to candidates who are leaving voicemails for recruiters.  Please make your voicemails more detailed rather then less detailed.  It should be noted the a recruiter is likely working on multiple roles at the same time and are likely working with more then one candidate.  Leaving a message similar to “please call me back in regards to the role we were speaking about…” might not click right away for the recruiter.

 For example, I, at the moment, am working on 3 roles that are what I would call active (I am actively seeking candidates).  One of those roles requires 9 resources.  Because of this, I am speaking to roughly 25 people on a semi-regular basis in regards to filling all the open positions I have.  It is easy from time to time when dealing with so many people all at once to mix the candidates to one of the jobs I have been working on and thus the theme for this post. 

 Please keep your voicemails detailed – helps those of us out who are a little over worked right before the holidays!!!

               Sincerely – Swamped Recruiter

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