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Telesat tops Ottawa firms on Branham300

Posted by sweens on April 6, 2011

Published on April 5, 2011
Elizabeth Howell

Ottawa satellite firm Telesat sits atop more than 30 Ottawa-headquartered companies listed on the Branham300, an annual measure of Canadian technology firms based on worldwide revenue.

Consolidated revenues for Telesat in 2010 were $821 million, up four per cent or $34 million from 2009.

Considering foreign exchange fluctations, the increase was more like eight per cent, Telesat said when releasing the results in early March.

The firm is in reported takeover discussions that could culminate in new ownership in a matter of weeks. It currently is jointly owned by majority United States economic interests and majority Canadian voting interests.

Many of the firms in the top 20 of Branham’s list have or had significant presences in Ottawa, including RIM (which took top rank overall), BCE, Rogers Communications, Telus, MDA, OpenText and Nortel Networks.

Although Nortel is insolvent, the firm has been engaging in billions of dollars in asset sales in past years, still pushing its revenues up to the 14th rank overall on the Branham300.

Just yesterday, Nortel announced Google was the stalking-horse bidder for its last major asset – patents – for $900 million.

“It’s been a slow decline for Nortel, one of Canada’s most well know technology companies,” stated Darren Anderson, the research co-ordinator for Branham300.

“While Nortel only has skeleton operations remaining, they continued to generate sales in 2010 and as such remained on the Branham300 listing. While 2010 may be the last year that Nortel lands on the Branham300, there is no question that its influence on the tech community in Ottawa and throughout Canada will live on for years to come.”

Branham, a consulting firm, stated the technology industry as a whole had “modest” growth in 2010, with the top 250 companies seeing $73.93 billion in revenue, a nearly four-per-cent increase over $71.32 billion in 2009, but still down from $75.97 billion in 2008.

The complete list of Ottawa-headquartered firms:

– Telesat (13)

– Mitel (19)

– Calian Technologies (32)

– Zarlink Semiconductor (34)

– DragonWave (38)

– Bridgewater Systems (49)

– March Networks (53)

– Eagle Professional Resources (54)

– MOSAID Technologies (63)

– Maplesoft Group (65)

– Agda Group Consultants (65)

– Wi-LAN (89)

– Veritaaq Technology House (104)

– Nitro IT Business Solutions (115)

– CORADIX Technology Consulting (122)

– International Datacasting (132)

– Iridian Spectral Technologies (149)

– ExitCertified (151)

– 4Point (158)

– OSI Geospatial (159)

– Espial Group (178)

– Cistel (182)

– TRM Technologies Inc. (197)

– PIKA Technologies (204) – tied

– C-COM Satellite Systems (206)

– ThinkWrap Solutions (229)

– PrecisionERP (233)

– Fidus Systems (237)

– non-linear creations (242)

– In-Touch Survey Systems (250)

– Advanced Software Concepts (259)

– DataKinetics (271)

– TASKE Technology (276)

– TECSIS (279)

– The KTL Group (297)

Branham also published several other lists isolating specific industries.

Top 25 Canadian ICT Multinational Companies

– General Dynamics Canada (11)

– Alcatel-Lucent Canada (12)

– CSC (20)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers

Gazaro (Ottawa)

Top 25 Canadian Software Companies

– Mitel (2)

– Bridgewater Systems (6)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies

– Calian Technologies (9)

– Eagle Professional Resources (17)

– Adga Group Consultants (20)

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (20)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Hardware and Infrastructure 


– Zarlink Semiconductor (13)

– DragonWave (15)

– March Networks (20)

– MOSAID Technologies (24)

Top 10 Canadian ICT Security Companies

– Cistel (9)

– TRM Technologies Inc. (10)

Top 10 Canadian Wireless Solutions Companies

– DragonWave (3)

– Bridgewater Systems (5)

Top 10 Canadian xSP Companies

– Telesat (6)

Top 10 Canadian ICT Staffing Companies

– Calian Technologies (2)

– Eagle Professional Resources (5)

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (6)

– Veritaaq Technology House (8)

Top 20 Movers & Shakers

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (2)

– DragonWave (5)

– Iridian Spectral Technologies (9)

– PrecisionERP (16)

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Protus’s Ottawa staff levelled in wake of j2 takeover

Posted by sweens on March 23, 2011

Krystle Chow 
Ottawa Business Journal

More than 100 staff have been let go from Internet fax and communications services provider Protus’s local office since the Ottawa company announced its $213-million acquisition by Hollywood rival j2 Global Communications three months ago, a company official confirmed.

Steve Adams, Protus’s vice-president and general manager, said about 130 or 140 people are currently employed in the Ottawa operations. That’s down significantly from the 300-employee figure recorded in Protus’s latest Ottawa Technology magazine listing.

“When the initial announcement was made, there were layoffs, but that’s behind us now,” said Mr. Adams. “It’s a stable environment here and we’re hiring now; we have open positions in (customer) support and technical areas.”

The news adds detail to an e-mail acquired in early December, in which Protus’s then-CEO, Joseph Nour, wrote to employees that there would be an “immediate reduction” of overall head count.

Mr. Adams stressed that j2 has shown “real commitment” to the Ottawa area and to its e-mail marketing business Campaigner, which Protus acquired in 2008.

According to Mr. Adams, j2 is “keeping all the functions necessary” to run and support Campaigner in town – including sales, marketing, engineering and development, operations and customer support – although he confirmed the accounting department is migrating to j2’s California head office and there is no longer a legal team in Ottawa.

Meanwhile, the MyFax virtual faxing service – which brought in about 81 per cent of Protus’s total revenues in the 12 months leading to Oct. 31, 2010, compared to approximately 11 per cent for Campaigner – will also continue to survive.

“MyFax is a very strong product and a very strong brand, and j2 continues to invest in it and support it,” said Mr. Adams, who pointed out that j2 operates a number of brands in the Internet faxing space, including its own eFax offering.

MyFax and eFax were the subjects of a five-year battle between Protus and j2, with the latter accusing the local firm of infringing on its Internet faxing patents and of sending junk faxes to j2 customers.

Several other competitors in the fax-to-e-mail industry were also involved in j2 lawsuits, including San Francisco-based CallWave Inc. and Miami’s Venali Inc. However, CallWave settled its patent infringement lawsuit with j2 in 2007, with j2 buying its rival’s Internet fax assets in 2009. And like Protus, Venali was acquired by j2 in September 2010 as part of a buying spree that brought a total of eight companies under the j2 umbrella.

Despite the overlap between j2’s various e-faxing brands as a result of the acquisitions, j2 spokesperson Bill Threlkeld noted in an e-mail to OBJ that “MyFax will run as it always has from its Ottawa base” for the foreseeable future.

“Over time, components of the service may migrate to other j2 facilities for efficiency, just as some of j2’s other operations may migrate to Ottawa for efficiency,” he wrote, adding that Protus’s call centre in Ottawa has already begun to take calls for other j2 brands.

The one thing that remains uncertain is the fate of Protus’s my1voice virtual phone service, which Mr. Adams said is “not yet determined.” The business made up three per cent of Protus’s total sales at the time of the j2 acquisition.

“My1voice is important to j2 but … there is some product overlap,” he said.

Protus’s strong presence in the Ottawa tech scene and its second-place position in the Internet faxing industry made the company an attractive target for j2. MyFax reached 500,000 subscribers in 2010, although it trailed behind eFax’s 11 million users.


1997: Protus is founded.

May 2004: Protus introduces Internet-based virtual fax service.

August 2005: j2 Global Communications launches patent lawsuit against Protus.

February 2006: j2 accuses Protus and competitor Venali of sending unsolicited faxes to j2 customers.

2007-2009: Protus wins OBJ’s Employees’ Choice Award, recognizing a high level of job satisfaction among staff.

December 2007: Protus announces that j2 patent suit has been dismissed with prejudice in the central district of California.

June 2008: Protus acquires Campaigner and launches my1voice virtual PBX phone service. j2 files another patent infringement lawsuit against Protus and two other companies in the eastern district of Texas.

February 2009: j2 acquires Callwave’s Internet fax assets.

April 2009: Protus named one of OBJ‘s Fastest Growing Companies.

February 2010: Protus announces it has defeated j2 patents in Europe and the United States.

September 2010: j2 buys Venali.

December 2010: Protus acquired by j2.

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Federal contracts (Feb. 27-March 5)

Posted by sweens on March 17, 2011

Otis Canada Inc.

2480 Lancaster Rd.

Description: Elevator installation and maintenance

Buyer: PWGSC


Altis Human Resources (Ottawa) Inc. and Excel Human Resources Inc., in joint venture

102 Bank St.

Description: Informatices professional services

Buyer: PWGSC


Maplesoft Consulting Inc.

408 Churchill Ave.

Description: Informatices professional services

Buyer: PWGSC


Advanced Chippewa Technologies Inc.

84 Valley Ridge St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: DND


IBM Canada Ltd.

340 Albert St.

Description: ETL software solution

Buyer: RCMP


Otis Canada Inc.

2480 Lancaster Rd.

Description: Elevator installation and maintenance

Buyer: PWGSC


Valcom Consulting Group Inc.

85 Albert St.

Description: Naval architecture

Buyer: DND



150 Isabella St.

Description: ADP software

Buyer: DND


Interis Consulting Inc.

275 Slater St.

Description: Human resource services, business consulting/change management, project management services (supply arrangement TSPS)

Buyer: PWGSC


Systems for Research Corp.

300 Earl Grey Dr.

Description: Optical instruments, test equipment, components and accessories

Buyer: Natural Resources Canada


Advanced Chippewa Technologies Inc.

84 Valley Ridge St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Canadian Space Services Ltd.

2336 Craig’s Side Rd.

Description: Radar equipment, except airborne

Buyer: DND


DBA Akran Marketing

2000 Thurston Dr.

Description: Flags and pennants

Buyer: Canadian Heritage


Integrated Network Security Alliance 2005 Inc.

2725 Queensview Dr.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Treasury Board of Canada


Motorola Canada Ltd.

360 Albert St.

Description: Radio and television communications equipment, airborne

Buyer: RCMP


IBM Canada Ltd.

340 Albert St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: HRSDC


Stoneworks Technologies Inc.

2212 Gladwin Cres.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Natural Resources Canada


Bell Canada

160 Elgin St.

Description: Communications security equipment and components

Buyer: DND


Dalian Enterprises Inc.

151 Slater St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Correctional Service of Canada


DLS Technology Corp.

1376 Bank St.

Description: ADP software

Buyer: Treasury Board of Canada


Intergraph Canada Ltd.

1600 Carling Ave.

Description: Cameras, still picture

Buyer: DND


Johnson Controls L.P.

30 Edgewater St.

Description: Building automated control systems

Buyer: PWGSC


Maxys Staffing & Consulting

173 Dalhousie St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


S.i. Systems Inc.

130 Slater St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.

275 Slater St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


Veritaaq Technology House

2327 St. Laurent Blvd.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


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Despite layoffs, Protus acquisition ‘breaks a log-jam’ in Ottawa: insider

Posted by sweens on December 7, 2010

By Elizabeth Howell

After years of undisclosed acquisitions of Ottawa firms, the high-profile, US$213-million Protus IP Solutions Inc. acquisition on Monday could prove the turning point for the local tech industry, according to one insider.

An undisclosed number of employees will be severed from Ottawa’s Protus IP Solutions Inc. following its acquisition by U.S.-based j2 Global Communications, according to Protus’s CEO.

However, the managing partner of Perry Martel International said the layoffs, though never pleasant, came at an opportune time for the affected employees.

“It’s the best time of the year to be laid off because managers are in their office right now doing Christmas period planning budgets for the new year, and with new budgets come new hires,” David Perry pointed out.

But taking a step back from the company itself, Mr. Perry said j2’s interest in the Ottawa firm “breaks a log-jam” for a city known for low-profile takeovers with acquisition sums never revealed.

It proves the key for local companies to become acquisition-worthy, he said, is effective marketing outside of Ottawa and Canada.

“The (founders) – I’m going to get in trouble for this,” he quipped, “are two fairly dull engineers. They shun the limelight.

“They just do the work, and fax is considered a dull business. All these Internet businesses (in Ottawa) that have come and gone, and crashed and burned, have been the darlings of the business industry. And they got nothing.” 

Chief executive Joseph Nour, though “pleased” by the takeover, said the layoffs were a tough choice, according to an e-mail to employees acquired by OBJ.

“The plan is to continue to aggressively market and sell the brands key to Protus’ historical success and to maintain operations in Ottawa,” Mr. Nour wrote.

“There will, however, be realigning of resources in order to optimize synergies, resulting in an immediate reduction of our overall headcount.

“The decision to eliminate some positions was extremely difficult and was not taken lightly. These changes are important for future achievements and the ability to continue to drive profitable growth.”

Protus had 260 workers before the acquisition, according to OBJ files. Company officials did not immediately respond to OBJ requests for comment.

Steve Adams will now lead the Ottawa office, becoming Protus’ general manager and vice-president and directly reporting to j2 CEO Hemi Zucker.

j2 made the purchase out of cash on hand and expects $15 million in related expenses in the next nine months, with between $5 million to $11 million charged in j2’s current fiscal quarter.

The two companies were in court in 2008 regarding Protus’ opposition of  j2’s trademark application for the word ‘eFax’ in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, that patent was revoked

“The European Patent Office held that, in the face of the prior art in the field, the patent lacked any ‘inventive step’ because a ‘person skilled in the art’ could achieve the claims of the patent by using ‘well-established’ search techniques,” Protus said in a statement at the time.

Protus remained strong through the recession and was 10th on OBJ‘s list of fastest-growing companies in 2009.

It provides software-as-a-service communications for business under three main products: MyFax, Campaigner and My1Voice.

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Protus takeover was a safe alternative to IPO: analysts

Posted by sweens on December 7, 2010

By Elizabeth Howell

Protus IP Solutions Inc.’s US$213-million takeover yesterday by its court rival, j2 Global Communications, was the best outcome possible for the company given ongoing litigation, an analyst says.

The acquisition represents the second $200-million-plus deal in Ottawa in the past year. The other one concerned blood-diagnostics firm Epocal Inc., which in January announced Inverness would acquire all of its issued and outstanding equity securities for US$255 million.

Protus and rival j2 had been engaged in a multi-year court battle concerning the validity of j2’s claim to trademark the word “eFax” in the United Kingdom, which flared up again in April when the patent was revoked.

With Protus reaching 500,000 subscribers this year for its fax business and pegged as one of OBJ’s fastest-growing companies during the recession, its founders were eager to take the company public, says David Wismer, managing director and head of the technology investment banking group at BMO Capital Markets.

However, chief executive Joseph Nour and co-founder Simon Nehme were advised not to do an IPO given the uncertainty of the court battle, said Mr. Wismer, who said he was familiar with the circumstances given his organization was one of the financing parties.

 “That was one of the big concerns going that route: the litigation was going to be a challenge,” Mr. Wismer said in an OBJ interview.

“The sales process made more sense for the companies, to eliminate the litigation for both of them.”

At Thomson Reuters, analysts there tracked 29 disclosed deals nationwide in 2010, up from 25 in 2009.

Ottawa’s two prominent deals this year, among the three largest disclosed across Canada, will be an “eye-catching” opportunity for investors, said Kirk Falconer, Thomson’s director of research in private equity.

“There are still high-growth companies in Ottawa,” he noted of the Protus and Epocal deals. “There are experienced technology entrepreneurs and angel investors.

“It’s a reminder that companies like Protus exist, and there will be more like them.”

j2 and Protus took the lion’s share of the Internet fax market, with Protus’ main products being MyFax, Campaigner and My1Voice.

But given j2’s 11 million subscribers to Protus’ 500,000, industry observers pointed out a takeover was the most likely option for the burgeoning Ottawa firm to grow in such a small field of competition.

Ottawa firm LaBarge Weinstein represented Protus in court and served as its general counsel since 2000.

Partner Michael Dunleavy said he had not heard the IPO rumour, but pointed out that meeting in the courtroom repeatedly gave the two firms natural contacts to begin takeover discussions.

Both firms had a “mutual agreement” that the acquisition would benefit everyone, including Protus’ 260 employees – who all, “right down to the janitor”, had money invested in the firm.

He said it would help soften the blow for the employees who will be let go in the wake of the takeover, a move announced in a staff e-mail Mr. Nour sent yesterday.

“It’s a solid business in and of itself, with $7 million in revenues and positive earnings,” Mr. Dunleavy said.

“That business was permitted to grow by good stewards – the venture capitalists and the management team.

” BEST Funds, BMO Capital Corporation, Celtic House Venture Partners, Covington Capital Corporation, Edgestone Venture Fund and Mosaic Venture Partners all took part in the takeover.

“You have all-Canadian VCs in there who, in some cases, have been in there for 11 years,” Mr. Dunleavy said. “That’s a tremendous testimony to their patience, waiting for value to crystallize.

“As far as what it means in the Ottawa landscape, it’s a testimony to what patience will accomplish. There is a perception that venture capitalists are looking for liquidity as early as possible, and that was clearly not the case.”

For greater Ottawa, the acquisition – though it technically headquarters the company outside of the region – will bring value to the area in other ways, says OCRI chief executive Claude Haw.

“It frees up the VCs, and they badly need that to happen. It frees up some people that now have experience to go off and do it again,” he said.

The founders, Mr. Haw added, will have the flexibility to take risks in a new company, especially with “a few million dollars in their pocket.”

“The reality is, very few people leave the region despite the doom and gloom that some espouse. People who have built a business here like to stay in Ottawa, and the lion’s share of people who end up in a sale like this stay here and start again.”

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Halogen touts 38% revenue increase in third quarter

Posted by sweens on November 5, 2010

Ottawa’s Halogen Software finished its third quarter of 2010 with “significant market momentum” and a 38 per cent revenue increase in annual recurring revenue, according to a release by the firm.

The company, which is privately owned, only released selected financial parameters, focusing on its new customer wins and recognition at the HR Technology Conference in September.

New customers the firm added include IMAX Corp., LinkedIn Corp., U.S. Court Services and Baltimore Life Insurance.

In addition, Halogen released two new products for public sector and hospitality organizations.

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Bridgewater’s Q3 net income doubles

Posted by sweens on November 2, 2010

Bridgewater Systems says its third-quarter net income doubled to $3.4 million and raised its 2010 profit target range as revenue increased by 52 per cent over the same time last year.

The Ottawa-based technology company’s profit amounted to 13 cents per share with $23.9 million in revenue.

That’s up from $1.7 million or seven cents per share of net income with $15.8 million of revenue in the third quarter of 2009.

Bridgewater, which provides mobile personalization technology to telecom carriers, also provided updated guidance for 2010.

It now expects between $12 million and $13.5 million in net income. The previous range had been lower at between $10 million and $12 million.

Bridgewater also raised the lower end of its revenue range by $9 million to $92 million, but left the higher end of the range intact $94 million.

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DragonWave Q2 profits fall 78.9%

Posted by sweens on October 13, 2010

But year-to-date numbers still strong

Packet microwave radio systems supplier DragonWave Inc. reported a sharp reduction in second-quarter earnings late Wednesday as net earnings slipped to $1.2 million, compared to $5.7 million a year earlier.

Revenues were also down, falling to $27.2 million from $32.4 million in Q2 of the company’s fiscal 2010 year.

Despite the disappointing results – which come a week after one analyst advised his clients to ditch the Ottawa-based company’s shares – DragonWave president and CEO Peter Allen said he was “satisfied” with firm’s progress in strengthening its market presence and expanding its base of customers and partners.

“The global demand for mobile broadband Internet services continues to expand – we are still in the early stages of the growth potential for DragonWave mobile backhaul solutions in markets throughout the world,” Mr. Allen said in a statement.

The company’s fiscal year-to-date figures painted a more positive picture. Revenue in the first six months of fiscal 2011 was $75.9 million, a 67-per-cent increase over the previous year.

Profits more than doubled, from $3.4 million to $10.9 million.

In recent months, critics have highlighted how a single customer, wireless broadband services firm Clearwire, provides the lion’s share of DragonWave’s revenues. Clearwire recently slowed its pace of orders from DragonWave, prompting concerns from investors.

In its quarterly financial summary, DragonWave (TSX:DWI) noted it had two customers that each contributed more than 10 per cent of its revenues.

The company is forecasting $30 million in third-quarter revenues.

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March Networks posts profit in Q1

Posted by sweens on August 26, 2010

Published on August 26th, 2010
Canadian Press

March Networks (TSX:MN) posted a small profit in its fiscal first quarter, reversing a year-ago loss as demand improved.

The provider of applications used for security surveillance said late Wednesday it earned $100,000 or one cent per share in the three-month period ended July 31, compared to a loss of $500,000 or three cents per share a year earlier.

Revenue was $26.3 million, up 10 per cent from $24.0 million in the same period of fiscal 2010.

“The first quarter of fiscal 2011 was very encouraging for the company as demand returned in the North American market after a tough fiscal 2010 to deliver revenue growth and a return to profitability,” stated CEO Peter Strom.

“Recently announced retail and banking deals are expected to help drive continued revenue growth and profitability in the second quarter of fiscal 2011,” he added.Shares in the Ottawa-based company were unchanged at $4.10 in Wednesday trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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JobServe partners with IT World Canada

Posted by sweens on August 26, 2010

Published on August 26th, 2010
OBJ Staff
Ottawa Business Journal

Internet recruitment service firm JobServe Canada Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with an IT media information company to provide a niche online job board, the companies announced this week.

JobServe, which has its Canadian headquarters in Ottawa, will provide its services to IT World Canada and allow jobs on both sites to be cross-advertised.

“This exciting partnership creates the first real ITniche job board in Canada that will be hard to match by anyone,” said JobServe Canada CEO Christopher Klotz in a statement.

The agreement takes effect September 1 and covers all of IT World Canada’s publications, including ComputerWorld and NetworkWorld. 

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Procom Hiring – Proposal Manager

Posted by sweens on July 29, 2010

Position: Proposal Manager
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Duration: Permanent

Job Description: Procom is searching for a Proposal Coordinator to lead in the design and development of winning responses to client request for proposal competitions. The successful candidate will assume a leadership role in the RFP process and be an essential member of Procom’s business development team.


  • Take ownership of the RFP process and work with Sales and Recruiting counterparts to develop excellent responses to client RFP processes.
  • Chair proposal kick-off meetings and run opportunity assessment matrix process.
  • Writing of tailored proposal responses, and working with client service teams to develop their proposal responses according to the prospects expectations.
  • Ensures the consistent delivery of compliant responses to an RFP on time and within budget. This includes coordination of bid writing activities and schedules so that proposals are developed, reviewed and signed-off in a timely manner. Prepares a schedule of bid activities identifying key milestones and delivery targets;
  • Assisting recruiters on qualifying candidates and ensuring compliance (generate recruiting checklist, candidate matrices, candidate tracking sheets, etc.)
  • Remain current on all proposal amendments and modifications, and ensure that the proposal is updated accordingly using quality grammar and content.
  • Coordinates the proposal production process, including word processing, graphics, proofreading, and production of all proposals to ensure consistency of language, formats, and graphics and an overall high standard of quality.
  • Creation and application of proposal development tools, such as compliance matrices, evaluation criteria weighting, proposal outlines, proposal templates.
  • Monitoring opportunities on various bid sites
  • Such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time which are compatible with the position.


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree preferably in, English, communication, journalism business or other related industry. • Have a solid understanding of Government procurement processes and policies, proposal processes and excellent teamwork.
  • Significant experience in proposal development including – proposal preparation, reviewing costing sheets, review and approval process.
  • Skill requirements include good organization and planning, problem solving, analytical skills, in-depth product knowledge, attention to detail, research, and excellent written and oral communication. Ability to prioritize multi-tasked functions and work under deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office business applications
  • Must be a team player and have a strong desire to support internal/external customers
  • Desirable
  • Knowledge of technical skill sets and IT terminology
  • Ability to become Secret-cleared.

PROCOM is a leading provider of IT services in North America, PROCOM and PROCOM SERVICES currently have more than 3500 consultants on assignment and place hundreds of people in permanent positions annually. For over 30 years, we have been finding high-quality jobs for our candidates. Our policies of maintaining open communication with both clients and candidates consistently make us the IT Firm of Choice. PROCOM and PROCOM SERVICES are committed to employment equity and make every attempt to allow equal representation for all within the workplace.

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Zarlink turnaround continues as revenue targets exceeded

Posted by sweens on July 29, 2010

Kanata-based Zarlink Semiconductor beat its revenue targets by 18 per cent year-over-year in first-quarter results announced on Thursday.

The firm’s revenues reached $58.7 million, which exceeded their earlier revenue guidance of between $57 million and $58.7 million.

Zarlink stated this was due to “increasing customer demand across all core segments of the business,” particularly in communications products, where revenue grew by $3.9 million, and medical products, up $1.3 million.

Basic earnings were at $0.08 per share and $0.07 per diluted share.

Zarlink earlier sold its optical-products unit, which generated net proceeds of $13.5 million.

The firm said it expects to see more demand for its next-generation carrier chipset products, which includes voice-over-broadband and new efficiencies in wireless to improve the speed.

Customers such as Ciena Corp. and Teias Networks have integrated Zarlink’s ClockCenter timing platform into their video products, allowing them to lower power consumption and simplify the design, Zarlink stated.

“Q1 was a very strong start to fiscal 2011,” stated president and chief executive Kirk Mandy.

“While capacity concerns are impacting the global semiconductor industry, we are working closely with our foundry partners to ensure we continue to meet delivery commitments as end-market demand for our products escalates.”

As part of its work beyond semiconductor, the company grew its medical revenues to $6.6 million, from $5.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010.

The money came from shipments of wireless radio modules that were allowed for medical applications after approvals from the United States’ chief medical approvals body, the Food and Drug Administration.

However, year-over-year revenue fell from $9 million in Q1 2010 to the $6.6 million posted in Q1 2011.

Zarlink further made the following forecasts for Q2 2011:

– Revenue between $58.5 million and $60.5 million;

– Gross margins between 50 per cent and 51 per cent;

– Operating expenses between $20.5 million and $21.5 million, excluding amortization of intangibles;

– Q2 earnings of $0.03 to $0.05 per share, excluding foreign exchange fluctuations.

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Bridgewater bumps up revenue 41 per cent in Q2

Posted by sweens on July 29, 2010

Bridgewater Systems posted a 41-per-cent increase in second-quarter revenues Thursday, but one analyst cautions a pull-back by the company’s largest customer could create anxiety among investors.

The Ottawa-based software development firm reported revenues of $22.7 million, powered in large part by product sales, which increased 47 per cent to $17.1 million.

Earnings before income taxes were $4.8 million in the same period, an increase from the $4.1 million posted the year before.

The firm’s $47.2 million in revenues in the year to date is also 56 per cent higher than revenues in the first six months of fiscal 2009.

A conference call with analysts Thursday morning discussed the company’s wins in attracting new customers, particularly overseas, and the expansion of partnerships with existing customers such as Cisco and Verizon.

However, mitigating the rosy outlook and continued customer growth was analyst concern about Verizon’s shift away from purchasing Bridgewater software and hardware solutions as a bundle and instead focusing on just the software solutions instead, said Bank of Montreal analyst Thanos Moschopoulos.

“I don’t think it will impact Bridgewater all that much, but when your largest customer is looking to tweak the way business is doing with you it makes people nervous,” he said.

He added he doesn’t see much of an impact given “Verizon has very rapid traffic work on 3G network” and that mobile Internet demand is not expected to slow down any time soon.

The challenge for Bridgewater, he added, was to position itself for the LTE market in the coming years, but that will not begin to take a large share on the market for about 24 to 36 months, he said.

The company highlighted its growth in developing countries during the conference call.

“We have a focus on global expansion and emerging markets,” said Ed Ogonek, chief executive of Bridgewater, talking particularly about their work in India as the country begins its move from 3G to 4G spectrum options.

“We’ve built a technical servies and professional services capability to put some additional in-country and in-region capability,” he added.

“One of the fascinating things around the market is it’s rich with skillset and technical experience.”

The addition of 17 new customers, including 11 outside of North America, drew praise from analysts, although they also drew concern that the new partner business represented only seven per cent of revenues and it is not expected to increase substantially in the next few quarters.

Research notes from Kris Thompson, of NBF financial, said the new customers “should aid future revenue growth and customer diversification.”

He noted that management had continued to keep up its revenue guidance of $85 million to $94 million.

“We continue to expect new customer wins in Q2 2010 to help the company beat this range,” he stated.

Bridgewater further noted two existing customers represent 59 per cent of the firm’s revenue. Chief financial officer Kim Butler said “one can assume” Verizon was one those partners but could not separate the two into more exact numbers.

For future guidance, Mr. Ogonek said the company has been involved in Europe and other regions in implementing a system that can help consumers avoid “bill shock” by sending mobile alerts when the person is getting close to the limit of their browsing downloads.

With more carriers looking to implement these systems in the next year or two, Mr. Ogonek said the company is well-positioned for growth in the coming 24 months.

In the second quarter, gross margin was $15 million, or 66 per cent of revenue, compared with $12.1 million, or 75 per cent of revenue in Q2 2009.

Bridgewater stated this is due to a bump-up in direct-product costs due to bundling integrated systems together, as well as increasing the infrastructure of operations support.

Net earnings before income tax went up 17 per cent to $4.8 million, compared with $4.1 million in the second quarter of 2009.

After income tax, net earnings were $3.2 million, or $0.13 per fully diluted share, compared with $4.1 million ($0.17 per share) in Q2 2009. The decrease was due to a one-time income tax spending of $0.6 million and a non-cash future income tax expenditure of $0.9 million.

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Ottawa small-business owners third happiest in Canada: TD survey

Posted by sweens on July 26, 2010

Published on July 26th, 2010
OBJ Staff
Ottawa Business Journal

Around 84 per cent of small-business owners in Ottawa are happier owning and running their own business than being an employee, according to numbers released by the TD Small Business Happiness Index on Monday.

Overall happiness ranked at 27 per cent, placing owners in the city at the third-happiest in Canada — just behind Calgary (30 per cent) and Montreal (29 per cent).

“What the TD Small Business Happiness Index demonstrates is that small business owners enjoy a sense of control and freedom that they don’t generally realize when working for someone else,” stated Alec Morley, senior vice-president of small business banking at TD Canada Trust.

“Despite the recent economic downturn and the ongoing challenges of managing and growing a business, the personal satisfaction small business owners report illustrates one of the key advantages of owning your own company.”

According to TD, the following factors contributed to small-business hapiness:

– Pride and accomplishment from owning your own business (93 per cent);
– Volunteering or donating money to local charities or sports teams (93 per cent);
– Feeling a “deep personal connection” to employees and customers (85 per cent).

Other benefits included being your own boss and setting your own schedule, although long hours were a staple of business — at an average of 50.4 hours a week, among the top three in North American cities surveyed. Forty-three per cent of owners worked more than 60 hours a week.

“Small business owners tell us that owning a business has many advantages, despite the day-to-day challenges that come with running a company like red tape, property taxes and attracting and retaining talent,” stated Morley. 

The survey was conducted by Environics Research, and polled 1,213 small-business owners across the continent between May 13 and June 15. That included 101 small business owners in Ottawa.

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CGI wins contract with BEER STORE

Posted by sweens on July 14, 2010

The Canadian Press
Published on Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2010 12:18PM EDT

CGI Group Inc. has won a seven-year, multimillion-dollar contract to provide infrastructure information technology services to The Beer Store, Ontario’s primary beer retailer.

The outsourcing agreement also encompasses infrastructure services for Brewers Distributor Ltd., a wholesale distributor of beer and the collector of returnable, refillable and recyclable beer containers in Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

“We are confident that CGI’s intimate understanding of our business will assist us to make the best technology choices,” stated Ted Moroz, president of The Beer Store and Brewers Distributor.

The exact value of the agreement was not provided.

Doug McCuaig, president of CGI Canada, said the company is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term client partnerships.

“Going forward, we plan to leverage our comprehensive portfolio of services to further assist The Beer Store and Brewers Distributor,” Mr. McCuaig said.

CGI is Canada’s largest IT services firm. The Montreal-based company and its affiliated companies employ 26,000 professionals around the world. It had $3.8-billion in revenue in 2009.

Established in 1927, The Beer Store and its 438 stores sell 85 per cent of the beer in Ontario. It also supplies imported and domestic beer to more than 16,000 bars and restaurants and delivers domestic beer to 604 Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) stores.

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