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Not looking for a job? Great. Not hearing about jobs? Why not?

Posted by sweens on October 19, 2009

I am pretty confident that if there was one thing that I could get consensus on it would  be that everyone hates searching for jobs. (If you are currently looking for a job, glad you are on my site)

The frustration of resume writing, interview prepping insecurity or trouble of not having a job is not the best experience. So when you finally get a job, most likely, you don’t want to go back to that god-forsaken process of searching again.

 If you are not looking for a job, I think that’s great –-you’re the type of candidate that recruiters love to know. You either, love your job and don’t want to leave, or you do not mind your job and you do not want to look for something else. Mind you, what I do not understand is why some people do not want to even hear about job opportunities. You may say that you are open to it, but are you? When is the last time you were offered a job when you were not looking for one? When someone offered you a job, did you stop and take note? Do you know how much your position goes for in another organization? Are you putting yourself out there to be found? 

 Whether or not youare the happiest person at your job, you should never runaway from hearing about potential jobs.

• You should always, always, know how much you are worth. Even if you love your job, knowing what someone else would pay you gives you extra leverage at your current job
• You might think that you have the best job, but what if an even better job is around the corner?
• You will never have to go back to the grind of actively searching again – you can just transfer from one job to the next without searching
• You always know that you are valued somewhere else

You never know the better option until you at least open yourself up to it…

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