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I’m on the hunt…. For a job

Posted by sweens on February 23, 2009

I find I am chatting more and more these days with candidates who are not only interested in a specific opportunity, but interested in advice on what industries they should be looking into for employment opportunities.  A large portion of these questions come from an increase in candidates within the market who have not been job searching for many years.   I also believe that many candidates do not search via an industry and rather by available opportunities.


In terms of the Ottawa market there are two suggestions I can make however these suggestions will work for any geographical location in Canada or the United States.  The first suggestion I can make is any opportunity with a company who deals with the medical industry.  This is often an industry many Ottawa based candidates do not think about since companies of this nature are few and far between in Ottawa, but there are a few. 


Think about it?


Healthcare is something that is ALWAYS going to be needed, especially in a country where the federal and provincial governments fund the healthcare system.  There is clearly going to be (never say never) funding thrown into the medical field so it is relatively a safe bet in terms of a workable industry.  Companies that specialize in the healthcare or medical industry are likely holding their own or continuing to grow during the recession.  It is a sad fact, but people will continue to get sick and any field that ultimately helps the health of people will continually be needed.


The second suggestion I can offer is not really an industry suggestion but rather a company or product suggestion.  Candidates should look for organizations who sell a product or service that saves their clients money.  What I mean by this is that some companies offer products or services that replace existing technologies and can save an organization money.  These types of organizations will likely continue to thrive during a recession as the selling of their product will save money for their clients who are likely looking to cut costs. 


Candidates should consider researching the companies they are applying to.  You never know what you might find…

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