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Resume Writing: The objective…

Posted by sweens on June 15, 2009

As my blogging buddy Jonathan McLeod has pointed out before, there are some points that candidates put on their CVs that a recruiter typically does not find very useful. I am speaking about your hobbies. However on the same train of thought, I would argue that the OBJECTIVE portion of your CV is a crucial one – but it is often done poorly.

‘The objective’ is usually the first part of your CV that I read when I am evaluating a resume. I want to see your objective match what my client is looking for. A mistake candidates often make is that they have a generic resume with a generic objective.

This is fine if you do not have any specific titles listed in your object and talk more about your desire to contribute to an organization, develop skills, etc. What you should avoid doing at all costs is having and objective that says “I am looking for an Architect position” and then submitting that resume to a Database Administrator position.

You now have a resume that does not match the job details/client needs and you likely just screened yourself out for that specific position.

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Hobbies on your CV…

Posted by sweens on May 8, 2009

I have recently been playing tag with a fellow recruiter on blogging ideas.  Lately our blogs have been very similar so I was checking out his blog out and he was checking my blog out.  He had an interesting article on putting hobbies on your CV and how most times – that information is fairly useless.

I would have to agree with him on that and as such I suggest you check out the article.  Please visit:

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