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Sending out your CV: Putting your best foot forward…

Posted by sweens on June 17, 2009

This morning I was looking over a CV for a candidate I just put forth on one of my open requirements. Before I got to the project details, he had a brief summary of 32 projects that he had completed over the last 13 years. I thought to myself, boy that is a lot of consecutive projects. He must be good!

Throwing his qualifications aside for a minute, I came across another reason why this particular candidate has been so good at continually finding contracts. His resume is awesome. Not only is it organized and easy to read through, but he took the time to highlight all the portions in his resume that were applicable to the specific position he was applying for.

This made my job very easy!

It demonstrated a few things to me as I quickly went over his CV. First, this candidate is likely a hard worker and is not lazy. Second, he understands the role. And third, he wants to stand out from all the other candidates. And to be honest he really did. I quickly wrapped him up and move forward with him with all the important information I needed perfectly presented in his CV which both I and my client are likely to appreciate.

 Moral of the story….taking that extra bit of time to prepare your CV before you submit it can go a long way!

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