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Nortel is back in the news…

Posted by sweens on July 15, 2009

I find this humorous but I was driving by the Nortel buildings on my way to dinner last night and I thought to myself – I have not heard much about Nortel lately.  Well much to my pleasure I see that Nortel is back in the news. 

 CANADA-US-FRANCE-NORTEL-THREATAccording to Yahoo News, French employees of Nortel who are being laid off threatened to blow up the facility if they were unable to secure decent layoff terms.  The employees placed gas cylinders around the plant – but they turned out to be empty.

 I wonder if all employers expect this kind of reaction to a lay-off.

 It is good to hear a lighter side of a Nortel news story for a change.

 Please read the full article at:

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