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EI payouts rise 66 per cent locally year-over-year

Posted by sweens on August 25, 2009

By Ottawa Business Journal Staff

Tue, Aug 25, 2009 10:00 AM EST


The number of Ottawa residents living on employment insurance posted a sharp rise year-over-year, with 6,810 claimants in June – a 66-per-cent increase from a year ago, when there were 4,100 people using the benefits.

However, the Statistics Canada numbers released Tuesday showed Ottawa is better off than most other metropolitan centres in the province – particularly in the southwestern portion – which have shed more jobs during the recession.

Manufacturing-dependent Windsor showed a 217-per-cent increase, with Hamilton second-highest at 129 per cent. Toronto stood in the middle of the pack at 112 per cent.

The province showed a gain in EI benefits of 109 per cent overall, while Canada as a whole showed a benefits increase of 73 per cent.

Month over month, national numbers posted a 5.1-per-cent increase – to 39,500 people – between May and June. British Columbia, Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador had the largest percentage increases among the provinces.

However, the second quarter of 2009 showed a slowdown in the number of beneficiaries, which rose 18.8 per cent in the second quarter. That’s down about seven per cent from the 25.2-per-cent growth rate shown in the first quarter.

Nationally, young people had the highest demographic acceleration in searching for EI; the under-25 age group had a 109-per-cent increase year-over-year.

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EI jumps 10.6%

Posted by sweens on May 26, 2009

I was catching up on my Employment Insurance (EI) news this afternoon on CBC’s website.  There was a video on some EI statistics that were just released by Statistics Canada.  The statistics were not good either.  EI rose by 10.6% from February to March.

 65,300 more people began collecting EI in March which brought the Canadian total to just above 681,000 people.  CBC was reporting that since the labour market began to deteriorate in October of 2008, March was the highest month for an increase in EI applications.

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EI and bankruptcy levels are on the rise…

Posted by sweens on March 24, 2009

CBC is reporting that the level of Canadians who filed for bankruptcy is up 15.8% according to a report released earlier today.  The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada reported that 117,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy for a 12-month period ending January 2009. 


Statistics Canada is also reporting that the number of Canadians who filed for employment insurance benefits rose above the 500,000 level nationally for January.  This number represents a jump of 23,700 or 4.4% compared to January.


To read the full article, please visit:

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