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Updates needed….

Posted by sweens on April 22, 2009

My personal opinion is that every day should include a trip to your local coffee shop.  Some like Tim Hortons while others visit Second Cup.  Perhaps office brewed coffee is your choice.  Mine, is Starbucks – I know I know, I have said it before.  It gives you and your co-workers a chance to step back for 10 minutes; clear your mind; and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea or some form of drink that I can not say.


But lately, my trips to Starbucks have not been as enjoyable as usual.  This stems for the lack of variety that exists on their cups in their ever-so-popular tales of ‘The Way I See It”.  I have blogged before about my intrigue in this coffee cup promotion but since I last blogged about it; I have not seen one new story on the back of my cup.  Only the same two – repeated over and over again.


As such, I hope someone from Starbucks reads this and makes sure that the Ottawa based Starbucks shops receive new cups with new stories on the back of them.  I heard McDonalds is giving away free coffee this week – maybe I will go check that out.

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