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Certifications… Are they really all ‘that’??

Posted by sweens on January 23, 2009

Today’s blog is going to deal with certifications and how they can impact your resume. Certifications are becoming more and more of a ‘requisite’ in the market these days and I suspect that this mentality will only get stronger in the coming months.  While I and many of my colleagues are not ‘hung up’ on certifications, the labour market and employers these days certainly and putting a huge emphasis on certifications.


Certifications can offer many things to many people both from the employee and employer stand point.  When we think about reviewing or assessing a resume it is almost like someone checks for the certification and then decides to proceed with reviewing your experience.  Rather then reviewing your experience and then checking to see what certifications you have. 


While I do not necessarily agree with this method of assessing resumes, so many positions these days require certifications and the reason for that is because so many people have them.  Whether it is an MCSE, PMP, ITIL, CISSP CMMI, etc; there are more and more people within the work force who have these certifications/designations now.  This has lead employers to demand these certifications when they are looking to bring in new candidates.




My personal opinion is that this trend will continue to grow rather then weaken.  The reason I feel the market will continue to sway that way is because with more and more people hitting the street due to current downsizing initiatives, people will look to increase their odds of gaining employment in the future and in order to better there chances they will turn to certifications.


I believe that once IT does return to a high level of employment, there will be more people with certifications then those without certifications.  That situation will likely increase the demands employers will put on certifications.  It is for that reason that you can not simply think about your current situation with your employer because you may not be there forever and when you leave, how attractive are you going to look for future employers?

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