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It’s tough being a recruiter…

Posted by sweens on October 30, 2009

I find it tough being a recruiter sometimes! I do not mean because the job is demanding or the stress is insurmountable; but rather that sometimes, it is easy to be torn between the needs of your company and the needs of your candidates. As a recruiter I feel a direct tie to my candidates and that essentially I am their agent. I take on the responsibility of marketing them in a way that best represents their own needs as well as protects the needs of my company.

I recently spoke to a candidate who is displeased in their contract. The rate was not overly generous and I think the work environment might have been a little mundane at times. When they called me to explain why they were leaving prematurely, I could not help but agree with them. Every reason they came up with was accurate from their point of view and I could not help but think that if I was in that position, I would be doing the same.

Is this a normal feeling for recruiters?

I certainly did not put my company in a vulnerable position and suggest that the candidate was misrepresented – because they were not. The candidate was given all the facts before they signed up but it just was not a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I also found myself in a situation where I was working off limited information about the project and the client. This has ultimately comes around and proven to be a problem. As I mentioned before, sometimes when a recruiter recruits a positions for a system integrator, all the facts just are not there.

Very frustrating! Anyone else in the same boat??

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Working with a ‘Systems Integrator’: The demonical side of recruiting

Posted by sweens on May 20, 2009

While the title of this blog may seem harsh, my intent is two fold.  Firstly, to illuminate my frustrations in recruiting positions for system integrators, and secondly, to have an attractive headline that hopefully brought you to this blog.

But all jokes aside, recruiting positions with, or for systems integrators, is usually a very frustrating experience for me.  I find these positions more challenging to recruit then other positions where my firm is the only company involved in the search.  My frustrations stem from two spots:

1 – There are too many companies trying to make money off the contract
2 – There are too many people involved in the process

 Firstly, when two companies are involved in presenting candidates to an ‘end client’, you have entered a situation where two companies are trying to make margin off the same candidate.  Often times, the client has a price in mind, so you subtract the margin from one firm, then the second firm, and you are usually left with a pay rate to the candidate (the person who is actually going to do the work) that is much lower then the market value.

 While I understand the reasons behind this – companies exist to make money for the exchange of a service – it is frustrating as a recruiter because I often see good candidates slip through the opportunity, or I have to talk my candidate down to a much lower rate. 

Secondly, when multiple companies become involved, there are too many players in the process, which ultimately slows it down.  Scheduling interviews and getting feedback suddenly becomes a painful process as the schedules and timelines for at least 5 people are now thrown into the mix.

While I see the prospect of staffing for system integrators, I can also see (and experience) the challenges associated with this piece of business.

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