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EI jumps 10.6%

Posted by sweens on May 26, 2009

I was catching up on my Employment Insurance (EI) news this afternoon on CBC’s website.  There was a video on some EI statistics that were just released by Statistics Canada.  The statistics were not good either.  EI rose by 10.6% from February to March.

 65,300 more people began collecting EI in March which brought the Canadian total to just above 681,000 people.  CBC was reporting that since the labour market began to deteriorate in October of 2008, March was the highest month for an increase in EI applications.

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CBC to cut 800 jobs…

Posted by sweens on March 26, 2009

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is expected to cut 800 jobs based on a report that was released yesterday.  The publically owned operator of national television and radio networks is expect to make these cuts in an effort to help fight a funding shortfall caused by a sharp advertising downturn. 


CDC currently receives $1 Billion a year in funding from the Federal Government while also generating $600 million from commercial activities and $340 million from advertising.  The Government of Canada says that it expects CBC to follow a path similar to two of CBC’s private sector competitors in hopes of cutting jobs to increase cash flow. 


CTV has cut 225 jobs since November 2008 while Canwest Global Communications Corp has cut 560 jobs.  Canwest is looking at selling some TV stations while CTV has announced it will shut down two stations.   


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EI and bankruptcy levels are on the rise…

Posted by sweens on March 24, 2009

CBC is reporting that the level of Canadians who filed for bankruptcy is up 15.8% according to a report released earlier today.  The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada reported that 117,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy for a 12-month period ending January 2009. 


Statistics Canada is also reporting that the number of Canadians who filed for employment insurance benefits rose above the 500,000 level nationally for January.  This number represents a jump of 23,700 or 4.4% compared to January.


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