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Can I submit my application with more then one firm?

Posted by sweens on January 14, 2010

Many of the candidates I deal with for Government contracting are aware that on most Government contract opportunities, they are unable to submit their resumes to multiple firms for the same opportunity.  This means that you have to go with one firm and one firm only.  This is not usually a huge problem but when you have a very specific requirement where there are so few resources located geographically, the competition for those few resources picks up quickly. 

 This is where time of recruitment becomes such a key component of success.  With that being said, candidates need to be aware that they are unable to circumvent this policy.  Candidates that do agree to have their resumes submitted by two different companies for the same opportunity will be ruled non-compliant.

 There are some exceptions to this and from time to time an opportunity can come up where you will be able to submit yourself with more then one firm.  This usually takes places when a company is being asked to bid a project team rather then one individual resource.  Candidates need to be aware if they can or can not bid with more then one firm before they approach numerous firms about the same opportunity.

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Detailed voicemails

Posted by sweens on December 15, 2009

Dear Abby,

I would like to offer a suggestion to candidates who are leaving voicemails for recruiters.  Please make your voicemails more detailed rather then less detailed.  It should be noted the a recruiter is likely working on multiple roles at the same time and are likely working with more then one candidate.  Leaving a message similar to “please call me back in regards to the role we were speaking about…” might not click right away for the recruiter.

 For example, I, at the moment, am working on 3 roles that are what I would call active (I am actively seeking candidates).  One of those roles requires 9 resources.  Because of this, I am speaking to roughly 25 people on a semi-regular basis in regards to filling all the open positions I have.  It is easy from time to time when dealing with so many people all at once to mix the candidates to one of the jobs I have been working on and thus the theme for this post. 

 Please keep your voicemails detailed – helps those of us out who are a little over worked right before the holidays!!!

               Sincerely – Swamped Recruiter

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Keep your eyes on the prize…

Posted by sweens on June 10, 2009

And in this case, the prize is your newest job opportunity.  But in order to get that opportunity, you need to have a specific method of applying for opportunities.  This blog serves more as a reminder that when you (the candidate) are dealing with a recruiter or a staffing agency – you need to put yourself in their mindset.

 We look for ‘the’ candidate and not ‘a’ candidate.

 What does this mean?  It means you should avoid sending in your resume to a recruiter saying that you are interested in any positions they have open which may meet your skill set.  This translates’ into – you are open to any opportunity rather then the right opportunity.  This has the same effect as applying to multiple jobs with the same company or recruiter.

 I have said it before, but your resume should be tailored to a specific job.  Sending in the same resume for numerous jobs makes a recruiter wonder how you can be the right fit for one job, when you think you can do multiple jobs.

 Remember a company wants something specific!  Whether they go through a staffing firm or they do their own hiring – they have a specific list of requirements which you should try to meet with every application.  Aim to be ‘the’ candidate when applying for a job, rather then ‘a’ candidate…

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Scarce resources: Not so scarce anymore??

Posted by sweens on May 21, 2009

Perhaps I am reading into things, but I am certainly leaning towards the notion that the current labour conditions have affected any type of IT position around. I say this because in the last two weeks I have had two requirements that I normally would struggle to find someone for – but for some reason, I have turned up numerous quality candidates.

I am speaking about SharePoint and SAP resources. While finding candidates with this skill set may not seem to be difficult, finding ones that have a secret level of clearance is.

Yet for some reason these once ‘scarce’ resources do not seem so hard to find. While I am sure I will not be able to place everyone I have been speaking to, this is certainly giving me the opportunity to build my book of candidates and grow my network.

Whatever is going on right now is good for any recruiter who will be around once the economy comes back. Building up your database now should be a priority for any and every staffing firm.

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