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Don’t bet on RIM takeover: analysts

Posted by sweens on June 24, 2011

Published on June 24, 2011
The Canadian Press

Research In Motion, once the most valuable company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, may look like a bargain today for a potential buyer, but analysts say investors shouldn’t bet on a takeover.

The list of companies that might be willing and able to make a bid for the BlackBerry maker is short with Apple and Google – two of the largest players in the field – serious rivals to RIM with the iPhone and Android operating system.

Meanwhile, Cisco is looking to streamline its business and Microsoft is working with Nokia to develop its Windows Phone software.

“If Samsung were to acquire Nokia and abandon the Microsoft relationship, then perhaps Microsoft would turn to RIM,” National Bank Financial analyst Kris Thompson wrote in a recent report on the company.

Thompson noted that HP or Dell may be interested, but HP already has Palm and it was unlikely that Dell, with a market cap of $30 billion, could pull off a deal of this size.

“IBM should technically be able to raise enough money for this deal. IBM is an enterprise-centric IT services, software and hardware vendor. This deal could make sense but is likely a long shot,” Thompson wrote.

Cormark Securities analyst Richard Tse said rumours of a takeover bid for RIM are nothing new.

Tse noted that Microsoft has most often been mentioned as a possibility, but he discounted that notion because of the software company’s deal with Nokia.

“I wouldn’t rule it out, but I think the chances of that are not that high,” he said.

Complicating matters is that none of the companies speculated about are Canadian, which makes it likely that any potential bid would come under review of the Investment Canada Act, which would require a deal to be a net benefit to Canada.

The Conservative government has killed two deals under the act including a proposed sale from MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.’s (TSX:MDA) of its space business in 2008 and BHP Billiton’s hostile takeover bid for PotashCorp (TSX:POT) last year.

Making matters even more difficult is that RIM co-chief executives Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis together hold a roughly 10 per cent stake in the company – not enough to block a hostile bid, but likely enough to cause headaches for an unwanted suitor.

RIM shares were worth more than $140 at their peak in 2008.

And even after the a precipitous drop during the turmoil of the financial crisis, to around $45, the stock had bounced back to more than $90. But since then shares have trended lower before hitting a downward slide earlier this year to trade for less than $30.

The stock was hammered last week after RIM reported its latest quarterly results, only to be given a boost after unsubstantiated rumours about the possibility of a takeover bid.

That’s not to say that RIM stock is not without value, and a potential recovery in further value if the market favours its next wave of products.

The company is pushing ahead with plans for new BlackBerrys including a touchscreen version of its popular Bold model and a transition for its new phones to the same powerful operating system that runs its PlayBook tablet.

The company also has roughly $3 billion in cash and billions worth of patents and intellectual property.

Thompson raised the possibility of a private equity investor looking at RIM, but suggested the appetite for such a deal may be low because of RIM’s declining fortunes in recent months.

“We’ve recently had discussions with private equity participants that suggest there may be an appetite for high-yield debt tied to a private equity transaction,” Thompson wrote.

“The difficulty with this type of deal is determining sustainable cash flow in a market that is fiercely competitive and probably undergoing a transition to lower gross margins across the sector.”

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Telesat tops Ottawa firms on Branham300

Posted by sweens on April 6, 2011

Published on April 5, 2011
Elizabeth Howell

Ottawa satellite firm Telesat sits atop more than 30 Ottawa-headquartered companies listed on the Branham300, an annual measure of Canadian technology firms based on worldwide revenue.

Consolidated revenues for Telesat in 2010 were $821 million, up four per cent or $34 million from 2009.

Considering foreign exchange fluctations, the increase was more like eight per cent, Telesat said when releasing the results in early March.

The firm is in reported takeover discussions that could culminate in new ownership in a matter of weeks. It currently is jointly owned by majority United States economic interests and majority Canadian voting interests.

Many of the firms in the top 20 of Branham’s list have or had significant presences in Ottawa, including RIM (which took top rank overall), BCE, Rogers Communications, Telus, MDA, OpenText and Nortel Networks.

Although Nortel is insolvent, the firm has been engaging in billions of dollars in asset sales in past years, still pushing its revenues up to the 14th rank overall on the Branham300.

Just yesterday, Nortel announced Google was the stalking-horse bidder for its last major asset – patents – for $900 million.

“It’s been a slow decline for Nortel, one of Canada’s most well know technology companies,” stated Darren Anderson, the research co-ordinator for Branham300.

“While Nortel only has skeleton operations remaining, they continued to generate sales in 2010 and as such remained on the Branham300 listing. While 2010 may be the last year that Nortel lands on the Branham300, there is no question that its influence on the tech community in Ottawa and throughout Canada will live on for years to come.”

Branham, a consulting firm, stated the technology industry as a whole had “modest” growth in 2010, with the top 250 companies seeing $73.93 billion in revenue, a nearly four-per-cent increase over $71.32 billion in 2009, but still down from $75.97 billion in 2008.

The complete list of Ottawa-headquartered firms:

– Telesat (13)

– Mitel (19)

– Calian Technologies (32)

– Zarlink Semiconductor (34)

– DragonWave (38)

– Bridgewater Systems (49)

– March Networks (53)

– Eagle Professional Resources (54)

– MOSAID Technologies (63)

– Maplesoft Group (65)

– Agda Group Consultants (65)

– Wi-LAN (89)

– Veritaaq Technology House (104)

– Nitro IT Business Solutions (115)

– CORADIX Technology Consulting (122)

– International Datacasting (132)

– Iridian Spectral Technologies (149)

– ExitCertified (151)

– 4Point (158)

– OSI Geospatial (159)

– Espial Group (178)

– Cistel (182)

– TRM Technologies Inc. (197)

– PIKA Technologies (204) – tied

– C-COM Satellite Systems (206)

– ThinkWrap Solutions (229)

– PrecisionERP (233)

– Fidus Systems (237)

– non-linear creations (242)

– In-Touch Survey Systems (250)

– Advanced Software Concepts (259)

– DataKinetics (271)

– TASKE Technology (276)

– TECSIS (279)

– The KTL Group (297)

Branham also published several other lists isolating specific industries.

Top 25 Canadian ICT Multinational Companies

– General Dynamics Canada (11)

– Alcatel-Lucent Canada (12)

– CSC (20)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers

Gazaro (Ottawa)

Top 25 Canadian Software Companies

– Mitel (2)

– Bridgewater Systems (6)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies

– Calian Technologies (9)

– Eagle Professional Resources (17)

– Adga Group Consultants (20)

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (20)

Top 25 Canadian ICT Hardware and Infrastructure 


– Zarlink Semiconductor (13)

– DragonWave (15)

– March Networks (20)

– MOSAID Technologies (24)

Top 10 Canadian ICT Security Companies

– Cistel (9)

– TRM Technologies Inc. (10)

Top 10 Canadian Wireless Solutions Companies

– DragonWave (3)

– Bridgewater Systems (5)

Top 10 Canadian xSP Companies

– Telesat (6)

Top 10 Canadian ICT Staffing Companies

– Calian Technologies (2)

– Eagle Professional Resources (5)

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (6)

– Veritaaq Technology House (8)

Top 20 Movers & Shakers

– Maplesoft Group (technology division) (2)

– DragonWave (5)

– Iridian Spectral Technologies (9)

– PrecisionERP (16)

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Federal contracts (Feb. 27-March 5)

Posted by sweens on March 17, 2011

Otis Canada Inc.

2480 Lancaster Rd.

Description: Elevator installation and maintenance

Buyer: PWGSC


Altis Human Resources (Ottawa) Inc. and Excel Human Resources Inc., in joint venture

102 Bank St.

Description: Informatices professional services

Buyer: PWGSC


Maplesoft Consulting Inc.

408 Churchill Ave.

Description: Informatices professional services

Buyer: PWGSC


Advanced Chippewa Technologies Inc.

84 Valley Ridge St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: DND


IBM Canada Ltd.

340 Albert St.

Description: ETL software solution

Buyer: RCMP


Otis Canada Inc.

2480 Lancaster Rd.

Description: Elevator installation and maintenance

Buyer: PWGSC


Valcom Consulting Group Inc.

85 Albert St.

Description: Naval architecture

Buyer: DND



150 Isabella St.

Description: ADP software

Buyer: DND


Interis Consulting Inc.

275 Slater St.

Description: Human resource services, business consulting/change management, project management services (supply arrangement TSPS)

Buyer: PWGSC


Systems for Research Corp.

300 Earl Grey Dr.

Description: Optical instruments, test equipment, components and accessories

Buyer: Natural Resources Canada


Advanced Chippewa Technologies Inc.

84 Valley Ridge St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Canadian Space Services Ltd.

2336 Craig’s Side Rd.

Description: Radar equipment, except airborne

Buyer: DND


DBA Akran Marketing

2000 Thurston Dr.

Description: Flags and pennants

Buyer: Canadian Heritage


Integrated Network Security Alliance 2005 Inc.

2725 Queensview Dr.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Treasury Board of Canada


Motorola Canada Ltd.

360 Albert St.

Description: Radio and television communications equipment, airborne

Buyer: RCMP


IBM Canada Ltd.

340 Albert St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: HRSDC


Stoneworks Technologies Inc.

2212 Gladwin Cres.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Natural Resources Canada


Bell Canada

160 Elgin St.

Description: Communications security equipment and components

Buyer: DND


Dalian Enterprises Inc.

151 Slater St.

Description: ADP input-output and storage devices

Buyer: Correctional Service of Canada


DLS Technology Corp.

1376 Bank St.

Description: ADP software

Buyer: Treasury Board of Canada


Intergraph Canada Ltd.

1600 Carling Ave.

Description: Cameras, still picture

Buyer: DND


Johnson Controls L.P.

30 Edgewater St.

Description: Building automated control systems

Buyer: PWGSC


Maxys Staffing & Consulting

173 Dalhousie St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


S.i. Systems Inc.

130 Slater St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.

275 Slater St.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


Veritaaq Technology House

2327 St. Laurent Blvd.

Description: Professional services

Buyer: Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions Canada


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JobServe partners with IT World Canada

Posted by sweens on August 26, 2010

Published on August 26th, 2010
OBJ Staff
Ottawa Business Journal

Internet recruitment service firm JobServe Canada Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with an IT media information company to provide a niche online job board, the companies announced this week.

JobServe, which has its Canadian headquarters in Ottawa, will provide its services to IT World Canada and allow jobs on both sites to be cross-advertised.

“This exciting partnership creates the first real ITniche job board in Canada that will be hard to match by anyone,” said JobServe Canada CEO Christopher Klotz in a statement.

The agreement takes effect September 1 and covers all of IT World Canada’s publications, including ComputerWorld and NetworkWorld. 

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Ottawa small-business owners third happiest in Canada: TD survey

Posted by sweens on July 26, 2010

Published on July 26th, 2010
OBJ Staff
Ottawa Business Journal

Around 84 per cent of small-business owners in Ottawa are happier owning and running their own business than being an employee, according to numbers released by the TD Small Business Happiness Index on Monday.

Overall happiness ranked at 27 per cent, placing owners in the city at the third-happiest in Canada — just behind Calgary (30 per cent) and Montreal (29 per cent).

“What the TD Small Business Happiness Index demonstrates is that small business owners enjoy a sense of control and freedom that they don’t generally realize when working for someone else,” stated Alec Morley, senior vice-president of small business banking at TD Canada Trust.

“Despite the recent economic downturn and the ongoing challenges of managing and growing a business, the personal satisfaction small business owners report illustrates one of the key advantages of owning your own company.”

According to TD, the following factors contributed to small-business hapiness:

– Pride and accomplishment from owning your own business (93 per cent);
– Volunteering or donating money to local charities or sports teams (93 per cent);
– Feeling a “deep personal connection” to employees and customers (85 per cent).

Other benefits included being your own boss and setting your own schedule, although long hours were a staple of business — at an average of 50.4 hours a week, among the top three in North American cities surveyed. Forty-three per cent of owners worked more than 60 hours a week.

“Small business owners tell us that owning a business has many advantages, despite the day-to-day challenges that come with running a company like red tape, property taxes and attracting and retaining talent,” stated Morley. 

The survey was conducted by Environics Research, and polled 1,213 small-business owners across the continent between May 13 and June 15. That included 101 small business owners in Ottawa.

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Corporate profits likely headed downward this year: Conference Board

Posted by sweens on June 9, 2010

Canadian companies saw their profitability outlook weaken in May after a strong post-recession recovery, and will likely see a modest drop in the second half of year, according to Conference Board of Canada.

A leading indicator that tracks profits across Canada’s various industries fell 0.4 percentage points from April, the second month in a row it has registered such a drop, the Ottawa-based think-tank said Wednesday.

“The decline suggests that after experiencing a strong post-recession recovery, corporate profitability will weaken modestly in the second half of the year, as interest rates rise,” the Conference Board said in a statement.

“The outlook for most industries remains positive, but their rates of profit growth are expected to slow.”

The survey covered 49 industries, 39 of which saw an increase in May, improved from 37 in the previous month.

The profit weakness, however, is “not expected to derail the broader economic recovery,” it said.

Profit recovery among Canadian companies is expected to be “uneven” with volatility in commodity prices, currency exchange and interest rates hikes, which began earlier this month when the Bank of Canada raised its key lending rate from rock bottom to 0.5 per cent.

The Conference Board noted that indexes it tracks for Canada’s most influential sectors, such as trucking and wholesale trade, are still showing strong growth.—World/2010-06-09/article-1238034/Corporate-profits-likely-headed-downward-this-year%3A-Conference-Board/1

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Nortel wraps up sale of CVAS business to GENBAND; almost 400 Ottawa jobs preserved

Posted by sweens on May 31, 2010

GENBAND has completed its acquisition of the Nortel’s carrier voice-over-Internet protocol and application solutions business, one of the last major pieces of the fallen telecom giant to be sold.

Plano, Texas-based GENBAND, which announced the US $182-million deal in February, said Friday that it’s now wrapped up planning for the integration process and has finalized its executive management team, reporting structure and product roadmaps.

As well, nearly 100 per cent of the 400 employment offers extended to Nortel’s former employees in the division have been accepted, the company said. There will be approximately 500 people in total working for GENBAND in Canada.

 “We are pleased to further our vision of fuelling next-generation network migration and IP multimedia services deploymehnt through our successful acquisition of Nortel CVAS technology and talent,” said GENBAND chief executive Charles Vogt in a statement. “By creating one of the most comprehensive, standards-based, interoperable switching portfolios in the world, we will facilitate the industry’s massive and ongoing efforts to modernize networks, maximize existing investments and converge fixed and mobile infrastructures across disparate networks.”

GENBAND has acquired Nortel’s softswitches, media gateways and application platforms and will combine the technology with its own media, session and security gateways, the company said.

The deal means GENBAND will now have strategic product and support facilities in Ottawa, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maidenhead, Shanghai and Beijing, as well as strategic partners in India and Turkey.

GENBAND paid US$282 million, with balance sheet and other adjustments reducing the net purchase price to $182 million.

The company noted it bought the CVAS business with the help of existing shareholder One Equity Partners, a private equity firm.

“Today’s announcement represents another successful milestone while preserving Nortel’s carrier VoIP technology innovation and base of highly skilled employees,” said Nortel’s chief strategy officer George Riedel. “The sale of our CVAS business to GENBAND enables our global service provider customers to continue to benefit from Nortel’s industry-leading carrier VoIP and telephony expertise and long-standing track record in transitioning time-division multiplexing networks to VoIP.”

GENBAND was originally supposed to be the initial bidder in an auction of the CVAS business, but in February Nortel said it would instead sell the division directly to the U.S. company.

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Canadian economy grows 6.1% in first quarter

Posted by sweens on May 31, 2010

The Canadian economy was roaring in the first quarter, jumping ahead of even the rosy estimates of economists to post an oversized 6.1 per cent annualized advance during the first three months of 2010.

It was the largest quarterly expansion in more than a decade.

The number doubled what the U.S. economy managed to produce and bettered the consensus forecast for a 5.8 per cent increase.

As significant was that output in March, the last month of the quarter, advanced 0.6 per cent from February, giving the economy a strong hand-off to the second quarter.

With the Bank of Canada scheduled to make a decision on interest rates on Tuesday morning, the gross domestic product data is expected to add to the pressure on governor Mark Carney to move rates higher for the first time in about three years.

“It would take some fancy footwork for the Bank of Canada to pass on hiking rates tomorrow after the Canadian economy just doubled the U.S. quarter-one growth pace,” Scotiabank economists Derek Holt and Karen Cordes Woods wrote in a note.

“This is the strongest growth pace witnessed since 1999 and it is the latest evidence of how the Canadian economy and Canadian markets are outperforming much of the rest of the industrialized world.”

They noted that the level of the economic activity in Canada is now roughly back to where it stood prior to the recession taking hold in the fourth quarter of 2008.

One a quarter-over-quarter basis, GDP advanced 1.5 per cent following a 1.2 per cent increase in the fourth quarter.

Statistics Canada credited consumer spending, housing and manufacturing for the stellar results, but all industries were solidly in the plus column.

While markets expected a strong result, the oversized growth pushed the Canadian dollar up more than three-quarters of a cent to 95.89 cents US in light early trading. U.S. markets were closed for Memorial Day on Monday.

Economists caution that the torrid pace of growth cannot continue, and with European woes weighing down global prospects, the moderation in Canadian output may have already begun.

“We are of the view that much better-than-expected consumer spending and housing market performances so far this year came at the expense of future growth,” said TD Bank’s Diana Petramala.

“The recent spending spree has left consumers even more fatigued and highly indebted than ever. As interest rates begin to rise (as early as this week) and households have to devote a greater share of their income to servicing their debt, this may well constrain future consumer spending growth.”—World/2010-05-31/article-1196324/Canadian-economy-grows-6.1%25-in-first-quarter/1

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Nortel sells its joint venture with LG Electronics for US$242M

Posted by sweens on April 29, 2010

Another piece of the former Nortel Networks empire has been sold, with the Canadian company’s interest in a Korean operation going to LM Ericsson for US$242 million.

Nortel announced the sale of its 50 per cent plus one share interest in LG-Nortel Co. Ltd., the company’s joint Korean venture with LG Electronics Inc., late Tuesday.

The agreement marks the sale of one of only a few remaining assets of Nortel, formerly Canada’s biggest information technology company and once a leading global vendor of telecommunications equipment.

Still remaining are a variety of patents and Nortel’s Passport division, which provides non-optical equipment and was a piece of the Metro Ethernet Networks division that did not sell to Ciena Corp. in a US$521-million transaction last year.

A spokeswoman for Nortel said it’s still unclear what will happen to the remaining assets, which would also include potential tax-loss recoveries that could be used by a profitable company.

“Nortel will assess other restructuring alternatives for its remaining businesses in the event it is unable to maximize value through sales,” said Nortel representative Jamie Moody in an email.

LG-Nortel was established in 2005 to provide telecommunications equipment and network solutions to customers in Korea and around the world.

The sale is subject to approval of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and must meet certain regulatory conditions.

Earlier this month the financially battered Nortel received another extension to its creditor protection to the end of July, in order to give the fallen Canadian technology company more time to complete a court-supervised restructuring.

The company filed for court protection in the United States, Canada and other jurisdictions in January 2009, and has since sold most of its major operations to former rivals.

At its peak during the 1999-2000 technology boom, Nortel was Canada’s most valuable company after the telecom equipment maker went through several years of rapid expansion and diversification funded by debt and stock sales.

But starting in 2001 Nortel suffered a precipitous decline in sales, due to a combination of factors including the merger or demise of many of its customers, economic slowdowns and an accounting scandal.

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R&D employment rises

Posted by sweens on February 16, 2010

Published on February 11th, 2010
Canadian Press

A new study suggests employment in research and development is on the rise in Canada.

Statistics Canada reports there were 228,680 full-time equivalent personnel engaged in research and development (R&D) activities in Canada in 2007, up two per cent from the previous year.

The agency says the business enterprise sector employed the majority of R&D personnel in Canada at 65 per cent.

Higher education employed 26 per cent of the country’s R&D workers, while government accounted for eight per cent and non-profit organizations employed one per cent.

StatsCan says about three-quarters of R&D personnel worked in Ontario (45 per cent) and Quebec (31).

Most of the remaining R&D personnel were working in British Columbia (10 per cent) and Alberta (seven).

Researchers accounted for 63 per cent of total R&D personnel, while technicians comprised 25 per cent and support staff 12.

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White paper looks at why Canuck tech firms are “disappearing”

Posted by sweens on November 6, 2009

By Ottawa Business Journal Staff
Wed, Oct 14, 2009 11:00 AM EST

Canada is wasting the productive lives of “many brilliant and courageous knowledge workers, and losing large sums of money doing it.”

At least, that’s the hypothesis of a white paper released Wednesday morning by Toronto-based Impact Group, which aims to answer the question of why Canadian technology firms are “disappearing.”

Using interviews with former CEOs and investors from 18 R&D performing companies no longer part of Canada’s business landscape, Impact says it discovered that 10 of the 18 firms became insolvent with the other eight disappearing through merger or sale. In five cases, those mergers or sales were profitable, it added.

The extinct firms, however, shared a number of characteristics, Impact said:

– A lack of commerce competence through poor customer engagement;

– Preoccupation with technology and idea-driven R&D “often resulted in a large R&D team with… an unsustainable burn rate”;

– Dysfunctional governance, including lack of shared goals between management and the company’s board of directors, and a lack of enterprise experience among investors.

“While Canada is second to none in technology, there is a significant lack of commerce skills among our technology entrepreneurs”, says Douglas Barber, founder and former CEO of Gennum Corp. and now a distinguished professor-in-residence at McMaster University, in a statement supplied by Impact Group.

“Companies often find themselves dependent on U.S. and other foreign nationals for executive talent especially for customer-facing experience and skills. If we are to succeed, the notion that technology coupled with sufficient venture capital will lead to success in the knowledge economy must be complemented by a deeper understanding of the human dimensions of enterprise and of the value exchange that is commerce.”


 Available at –

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Canadian Hiring Intentions Perk Up

Posted by sweens on September 1, 2009

By Ottawa Business Journal Staff

Tue, Sep 1, 2009 10:00 AM EST

Eighty-five per cent of Canadian businesses will likely maintain or increase staff sizes in the next 90 days, according to a new report by a recruiting and HR company with offices in Ottawa.

The report, by David Aplin Recruiting, polled more than 450 “business leaders, hiring managers and decision makers” in Canada and found that Ontario, Alberta and British Columbian respondents were most optimistic.

As well, more than 75 per cent of those surveyed said they anticipate overall employment rates in Canada to improve in the near future.

“Sixty-eight per cent of those companies surveyed acknowledged that they were affected by the recent recession,” said Jeff Aplin, executive vice-presiden, in a statement.

“Organizations were forced to deviate from their business plans and enter into survival mode in order to survive the last year.”

Among the methods Mr. Aplin said companies used to survive were reduced hours or shortened work weeks, time off in lieu of overtime, wage or hiring freezes, work-share programs and voluntary unpaid leaves.

“(But) in some cases, reducing overall headcount was the only means to remain viable,” Mr. Aplin said. “The recent survey results are great news for Canadians – there are signs everywhere that business is starting to return to a more optimistic times.”

Online at –

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Warning: Application may take up to one year to be processed…

Posted by sweens on February 27, 2009

When you are considering applying for a position with the Federal Government these days, you may get discouraged to see the following note on many of their application pages:

Please note that our recruitment process may take up to a year. We understand that during this time you may have questions or would like to know the status of your application. We ask that you be patient throughout the process and that you keep the contact information you have provided current. “

  While this message may seem discouraging, the truth behind it is even worse.  Having many friends who have been applying to Government jobs as of late, the hiring cycle is growing close to two years.  I know some individuals who have been caught up in this candidate pool for up to 22 months from the time they started the process to the time they finished it. 


Candidates who are applying to Federal Government positions should not be expecting a quick turn around with their application.  The norm is more like little feedback with long waits between each stage of the process.  With the number of the Government employees expected to retire within the next five years, the Government needs to address its current hiring cycle and speed the process up or else it will find itself in a position where the people coming in will not match the number of people going out. 


Please visit the Public Service Commission website to apply for most Federal Government of Canada jobs.

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