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4 Responses to “Contact Information”

  1. Burton said

    Are more and more RFPs and / or SOWs posted by non-techie types? How do you deal with RFPs and / or SOWs requesting (example) .NET Programmer with Adobe Flash, CLF 2.0, and “everything under the sky” experience?

    • sweens said

      That is a faily common concern for consultants in this day and age. Sometimes there is no way to get around those hard to find requirements. Odds are the client likely has someone in mind who fights the bill which is why the requirements don’t seem to jive together. It’s also not uncomming to see a requirement come out for a level 2 resource but asking for 10+ years experience. The price for this resource and the required skills don’t match up. I think some clients are un-educated in the sense of putting out a wish list that is almost un-matchable.

  2. Jonathan Greene said


    Are the ceiling rates for each category under TBIPS available to the general public?

    Or are these rates only available to federal employees and consulting firms?


    Jonathan Greene

  3. Have you ever had any dealings with SI Systems? I enrolled back in 2007 and had a run in with them in 2009/2010 they later blacklisted me saying I was cynical. I can honestly say that my moods can be drastically affected when I can’t make ends meet and this is greatly complicated by my medical condition as I have to purchase some rather expensive medication in order to supplement my hormone levels. In explaining this to SI systems they still retained my blacklist. I just do not know what to do, but apparently not only I am blacklisted but others who I have interviewed with have also been blacklisted by SI. A friend of mine at Husky Energy refuses to use them as headhunters because of their performance with several contractors they work with in terms of managing them and getting jobs.

    I really do not know what to do, if this is the kind of attitude when people have medical conditions in the Head Hunting community I will never get employed again. I have strived to scrape up enough funds to manage my condition but frankly there really is no tolerance.

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