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Five Reasons Why Your ‘Perfect Resume’ Still Isn’t Leading To Job Interviews

Posted by sweens on September 15, 2015

Written by: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Most job seekers spend most of their time (and worry) perfecting their resume, then submitting dozens if not hundreds of applications online, only to land a few, if any, job interviews. You might even refine your resume based on feedback from recruiters like me, prioritizing the five items on your resume that recruiters notice first. Still no bites? The submitted resume pile is actually not the first (or second or third) place that recruiters look for candidates. In fact, there are five resources recruiters always tap before reviewing resume applications, and these five competitors are why your perfect resume still isn’t leading to job interviews:

Existing candidates

Every recruiter has a vast network of contacts including candidates from previous searches or who have been recommended by trusted sources. Since these are profiles the recruiter already knows, In the interest of time and getting results to the hiring manager quickly, the recruiter will rely on existing candidates wherever possible. If one of these candidates is a match, there would be no need to even review additional resumes.

Employee referrals

At the start of a search, the recruiter will always ask the hiring manager and department at large for referrals. If the manager or team already have someone in mind, this makes a smooth search more likely. At the very least, the profile that the hiring group puts forward becomes the prototype for what the recruiter looks for. The recruiter is more likely to search for matches to that profile, rather than all the submitted resumes. Again, the resume pile for that job may not even be reviewed.

Internal candidates

Many companies encourage employees to move among departments. It mixes up the talent, benefiting the company, and it gives the employee professional development and new opportunities, benefiting the employee. If internal candidates express interest in a position, they may get first consideration. If a match is made internally, the search may never even be posted, or the posting may be quickly taken down before outside resumes are considered.

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