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Video Blogging…

Posted by sweens on March 18, 2010

Is anyone doing it?  I see it becoming more and more of a tool that people are trying to experiment with but I do not personally follow anyone who does regular video blog or know of anyone who does.  It would be something I would consider doing and to be honest it is probably a lot of fun.  I think it could be a good recruitment tool for corporate recruiters. 

Anyone have any thoughts of comments on video blogging?

2 Responses to “Video Blogging…”

  1. Jonathan said

    I don’t do vlogging, nor do I follow much (any) video blogs, but that’s just me – I prefer reading well sourced posts where I can easily do further investigation (plus I can’t listen to a video at work). Nonetheless, it probably could be a very good tool. There certainly are a lot of sites that get a lot out of it.

    If you try it, I promise to hook up the head phones and give it a listen.

  2. adrian said

    Not to many people video blog.
    True. I think the reason it hasn’t picked up…
    Is because no one wants to see you. LOL
    There is a reason we have news anchors and hot weather women…
    Google Tinkernut and Diggnation.

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