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The end of an era…

Posted by sweens on March 31, 2010

Yesterday marked the end of an era for me. I rushed out of work in order to get to my hockey game on time. I took the usual drive down Carling Avenue and made the right hand turn onto Moodie Drive so I could catch the 417. Traffic seemed slower then normal though on Moodie and as I slowly moved up the road I saw what the hold up was. A large utility truck was parked on the right side with a crane adjusting the old Nortel sign.

Unfortunately they were not performing repairs on this sign. They were taking it down. The sign which for so many years has said Nortel was no longer there. It has been replaced by several smaller signs representing the companies that have bought divisions of Nortel like Ericsson and Avaya.

This to me was truly a symbolic end to the once upon a time Telecomm giant; a building, campus and culture known to many in the Ottawa area as a significant landmark in the city’s West end.

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So I ‘GOOGLEd’ myself…

Posted by sweens on March 24, 2010

The great thing about having my blog hosted through WordPress is that it tells me what search strings people have used to eventually lead them to my blog.  So I thought I would try one out and I ‘GOOGLEd’ my own name.  I was happy to see that my blog was now the first search GOOGLE was able to display. 

I think I am going to count this as a small victory in the world of blogging.  Others might refer to is as ‘egosurfing’ but I assure that my intentions for ‘GOOGLing’ myself were not to boost my own ego.

Some would suggest that searching yourself frequently is a good thing to monitor the view you have created for yourself on the web.  I know when I searched my name the options for ‘Tom Sweeney’ were endless as I am clearly not the only person with this name but there are many people with this name on Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, ZoomInfo, etc.

Try it – let me know what you find…

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Video Blogging…

Posted by sweens on March 18, 2010

Is anyone doing it?  I see it becoming more and more of a tool that people are trying to experiment with but I do not personally follow anyone who does regular video blog or know of anyone who does.  It would be something I would consider doing and to be honest it is probably a lot of fun.  I think it could be a good recruitment tool for corporate recruiters. 

Anyone have any thoughts of comments on video blogging?

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Jobless rate rises to 6.1% despite employment gain in February

Posted by sweens on March 12, 2010

Published on March 12th, 2010
Krystle Chow
Ottawa Business Journal

Despite the addition of 1,400 jobs in the National Capital Region, the Ottawa-Gatineau unemployment rate edged up 0.1 percentage points to 6.1 per cent in February, according to new data released Friday by Statistics Canada.

The rise in the number of jobless people was largely as a result of an influx of workers into the local economy, with 2,300 people joining the Ottawa-Gatineau labour force.

The creation of jobs was repeated elsewhere in the country, leading to an overall employment gain of 21,000 and a 0.1-percentage-point decline in the unemployment rate, to 8.2 per cent.

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CPSA and so much other stuff…

Posted by sweens on March 11, 2010

I wish I had more time as of late to blog but it has just been crazy busy for me at the moment that I have not had much down time at work to dedicate to this.  I have a few minutes to breath right now so I thought I should write something down.  Maybe it will help me de-stress.

Firstly, my firm has been busy trying to get onto Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA).  We usually partner with other companies to meet CPSA requirements so we thought why not go after that procurement vehicle and be less dependent on our partners.  It certainly was time consuming and took a lot of effort by many individuals but we got out bid in on time and I look forward to seeing how we did on it. 

I personally enjoy recruiting for CPSA as the people are generally good to deal with and there are high pay and bill rates so it definitely is a win-win for most successful placements.

On top of all of that, my firm is recruiting a large IT services bid which needs some very technical and very specific people.  It has proven to be a challenge but it has really down the strength of my office at this point.  I am looking forward to seeing the final results of this bid.

Oh and I can not forget my regular order flow. 

Is everyone else insanely busy right now?  Sometimes busy is good right?

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UPDATE: Nortel opts out of auction for carrier business, works on $182M direct sale to GENBAND

Posted by sweens on March 2, 2010

Published on February 24th, 2010
Krystle Chow
Ottawa Business Journal

Nortel Networks Corp. has decided not to auction off its carrier voice-over-Internet protocol and application solutions business and is instead selling the division directly to Texas-based GENBAND Inc. for US$182 million, with more than three-quarters of the division’s staff expected to keep their jobs.

The former telecom giant, which is currently working through bankruptcy proceedings, said Wednesday that it’s working toward a second-quarter closing for the sale of the telecom carrier technology business’s assets, which include its softswitching, gateways, session initiation protocol – or SIP – applications and time-division multiplexing products and services.

 “Uniting our two businesses will create one of the industry’s strongest carrier VoIP players, in terms of market share, customer base and portfolio,” said Samih Elhage, president of the carrier business, in a statement. “Joining forces with GENBAND will allow us to continue to provide a highly reliable solution and service offering to service providers and enterprises across the globe.”

 Mr. Elhage added that “a significant majority” of the division’s employees would be offered jobs at GENBAND. The company noted that group will include certain employees in some jurisdictions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region that will transfer automatically to GENBAND by operation of law.

 A company spokesperson noted in an e-mail that about 1,638 of the division’s staff, or 78 per cent, will have the opportunity to continue working with GENBAND, although the latter won’t be able to extend offers until it’s received court approval for the deal.

 The business employs approximately 2,100 people in total, with 80 per cent of that number located in North America. Thirty per cent of the North American staff are in Canada, the company said in an earlier interview with OBJ.

 GENBAND, which has teamed up with private equity firm One Equity Partners and other existing shareholders to secure the carrier division’s assets, had initially offered US$282 million. However, Nortel has agreed to make balance sheet and other adjustments to reduce the purchase price by US$100 million.

 Nortel first announced in December that GENBAND had put in a bid that was supposed to kick off a competitive bidding process, culminating in an auction that would have started on Thursday.

 At the time, Mr. Elhage told OBJ that the sale would represent one of the final steps in its insolvency proceedings.

 The Toronto-based company had sold off a number of its businesses through the auction process, including its wireless division, enterprise unit and optical business.

However, company spokesperson Jamie Moody said Nortel chose not to go with the auction route for the carrier business as it didn’t receive any other qualified bids, despite interest from other parties.

 When asked if Mr. Elhage would continue on at GENBAND following the completion of the deal, Ms. Moody reiterated the fact that GENBAND isn’t allowed to enter into discussions or extend offers to any employees until the transaction is finalized.

 The sale will now await U.S. and Canadian court approvals at a joint hearing on March 3.

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DragonWave signs OEM deal

Posted by sweens on March 2, 2010

Published on February 24th, 2010
Ottawa Business Journal

Shares of DragonWave Inc. (TSX:DWI) soared more than five per cent Wednesday as it announced a major original equipment manufacturer deal for backhaul products that will be used in North America and Japan.

Ottawa-based DragonWave said it’s signed an agreement with an unnamed “world leader” in mobile communications infrastructure that will see the former’s microwave radio system used in the customer’s end-to-end mobile backhaul solutions.

 While few details were disclosed, the markets reacted positively to the news, as the deal could represent a step in DragonWave’s goal of connecting with major carriers such as Alcatel-Lucent and Verizon. It could also allow the company to diversify and lessen its strong dependence on top customer Clearwire.

 The company’s stock, which has already been enjoying blistering growth over the past several months, soared to a fresh high of $13.65 following the news, before settling down slightly at $13.43 at the close of business Wednesday, a 70-cent spike from the previous day’s close.

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