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RAMTelecom wins $2.1M federal government deal

Posted by sweens on January 19, 2010

Krystle Chow
Ottawa Business Journal

RAMTelecom has resurfaced six months after its sale to Montreal’s OmniGlobe Networks Inc., with a three-year, $2.1-million contract from Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Ottawa-based RAMTelecom will provide, maintain and operate comprehensive Iridium satellite services and terminal equipment for the federal government under the contract, which was won following a competitive procurement process.

The deal includes the provision of hand-held satellite phones and hardware for remote expeditions and emergency communications, the company said, which will connect to 66 low earth orbit satellites to provide voice and low-speed data requirements worldwide.

RAMTelecom, which was formerly a stand-alone, publicly traded firm, was bought by OmniGlobe in June 2009 for $2.65 million.

The sale followed RAMTelecom’s long struggle with difficulties in raising enough capital and mounting losses.

OmniGlobe CEO Jason Neale had stated that the takeover would allow his firm to reach its goal of becoming the top rural and remote communications provider in Canada, as RAMTelecom’s satellite technology has been proven in the past to serve mining, oil and gas, forestry and government projects in remote locations.

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