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Posted by sweens on October 27, 2009

Has anyone heard of this service yet?  I was catching up on some blogs recently and discovered this service called Resuwe.  Their information page contains the following information:

We are experienced recruiters constantly reviewing resumes on a daily basis. We know what works from a company’s perspective and also see the most common mistakes firsthand. So often we are helping job seekers tweak the content and formatting of their resume to suit the requirements of employers.

Why Resuwe? We decided to launch ResuWe as a way to help job seekers quickly and easily optimize their resumes to improve their chances of successful employment. We also are excited to blend our expertise as recruiters to make a truly interactive resume optimization and job search site.

Many aspects of a resume and the job search process remain the same over time yet so many aspects change and evolve at a rapid rate. ResuWe is geared to preserve the traditional job search techniques like a clean well formatted resume, a custom cover letter, top interview tips, yet incorporate the most effective cutting edge tools including a web based resume, online profile, social media, and resume optimization.

So far the site seems to have some good content but I have yet to try their service.  They also have a blog titled Fight Unemployment which may be worth checking out.  I have included the link here and have added it to my blog roll as well.

Any feedback or comments anyone has would be appreciated….

One Response to “ResuWe”

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for adding us to your Blog Roll. ResuWe allows the user the ability to make a clean Word copy of their resume with minimal data entry. Some of the unique features on ResuWe include the ability to Tweet a resume out to Twitter contacts which is also picked up when someone performs an open web search on Google. Another feature is the user can make an enhanced resume utilizing Facebook and their Facebook friends can make recommendations on a resume as well as give a thumbs up. Of course there are also privacy features on ResuWe which allow the user the ability to control what information is viewable. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding ResuWe.


    Dan Boersma
    Laguna Source &
    Phone: 949.715.0517 (Direct Line)

    Rev up your Resume at

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