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Looking at recruiting trends for 2009

Posted by sweens on September 17, 2009

Founds this interesting article…

by Benjamin Yoskovitz –

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Michael Specht lists 10 Recruitings Trends for 2009, including:

  1. quality of hire
  2. time to hire
  3. ROI, ROI, ROI
  4. use your talent pool
  5. look for innovative and cost effective advertising
  6. branding
  7. referrals
  8. social media
  9. social networking
  10. learn to use search engines to find candidates

John Sumser had a Recruiting Trends list (published in the Fall) with similar items, although there was some variation. I added my own thoughts to the mix when John published his trends list, referencing how the recruiting trends are relevant to Standout Jobs and our future plans.

When we look at Kevin Wheeler’s thoughts on what would be hot in 2008, we see quite a few similarities.

Looking at the combined lists, here are some additional ideas / expectations for 2009:

  1. Strategic Recruiting becomes a priority. Transactional, shotgun recruiting has been diminishing in value for some time. A recent report indicates that Monster’s revenue will drop 37% in the coming year as companies abandon or lower their job posting contracts. Companies need to look at recruiting strategically and what that means for budgets, time to hire, etc. In my mind, this is a meta-trend for some of the items Michael and John have listed.
  2. Consolidation. The job market is incredibly fragmented, which makes sense given the size of the market and the problems that have existed in it for so many years. I expect 2009 will see more consolidation, although the economic downturn can make it harder for big companies to acquire smaller ones. Nevertheless, I see this trend expanding in 2009 and certainly beyond, when things pick up further.
  3. HR converts into a Marketing Department. Maybe this is just a pipe dream, but the writing would appear to be on the wall. Again, I see this as a meta-trend – encompassing at least half of the recruiting trends Michael references, and at least an equal number of the recruiting trends in John Sumser’s list. Human Resources departments are shifting, and that shift will accelerate in 2009.

It takes time to make monumental change.

That’s certainly true in Human Resources, where many of the points listed above have been on people’s minds for many, many years. But things are changing. More and more recruiters are using Twitter. HR people (corporate and 3rd party recruiters) are blogging. Social networks like RecruitingBlogs are growing in popularity.

Things are changing.

2009 will be a very interesting year. Budgets are being cut (or frozen), people are nervous (or downright panicked), and as much as you can look for opportunity in tough times, driving change and innovation through tough times is extremely hard. It’s easy for people to fall back on what they’ve always done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You can’t be fired for posting on a big job board…”

Well … give it some time …

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