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Addressing the concerns of your employees…

Posted by sweens on August 28, 2009

I blogged earlier in the week about losing a top performer and I got a few comments on the article which has lead me to write this blog. I would like to discuss how important I feel it is that an employer address the day to day concerns of its’ employees.

This can mean many things so let us look at a few examples. When a key member of your team leaves, I think it would be appropriate for management to hold a team meeting and discuss what the organization is going to do in order to replace the former employee (if they are or are not) and how their absence will affect the remaining team members.

Another example is a concern addressed from the comments on my previous posting about employees who are looking to advance within a company and are not getting that opportunity. Employers should recognize this trait within their employees and address it accordingly. As it was pointed out yesterday, employees often seek to leave their current employer if they are not getting moved up the corporate latter as their career may seem stagnant. The inability to move someone up within the company can be seen as “you’re not good enough to move up” which is generally a good motivation to start shopping your skill set around.

Employees are not always going to be satisfied with the answers they may get from their employer but at least they know where they or the organization stands. I would personally rather know that there is no room for me to move up in my company rather then not addressing my advancement at all.

At least at that point, I, or anyone else, can be honest with their employer and make an informed career decision moving forward.

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