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EI payouts rise 66 per cent locally year-over-year

Posted by sweens on August 25, 2009

By Ottawa Business Journal Staff

Tue, Aug 25, 2009 10:00 AM EST


The number of Ottawa residents living on employment insurance posted a sharp rise year-over-year, with 6,810 claimants in June – a 66-per-cent increase from a year ago, when there were 4,100 people using the benefits.

However, the Statistics Canada numbers released Tuesday showed Ottawa is better off than most other metropolitan centres in the province – particularly in the southwestern portion – which have shed more jobs during the recession.

Manufacturing-dependent Windsor showed a 217-per-cent increase, with Hamilton second-highest at 129 per cent. Toronto stood in the middle of the pack at 112 per cent.

The province showed a gain in EI benefits of 109 per cent overall, while Canada as a whole showed a benefits increase of 73 per cent.

Month over month, national numbers posted a 5.1-per-cent increase – to 39,500 people – between May and June. British Columbia, Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador had the largest percentage increases among the provinces.

However, the second quarter of 2009 showed a slowdown in the number of beneficiaries, which rose 18.8 per cent in the second quarter. That’s down about seven per cent from the 25.2-per-cent growth rate shown in the first quarter.

Nationally, young people had the highest demographic acceleration in searching for EI; the under-25 age group had a 109-per-cent increase year-over-year.

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