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Big Dollars in SAP: If I knew then what I know now…

Posted by sweens on July 22, 2009

Well once again I am back on the SAP train searching for SAP professional to fill a contract position I am working on.  Again I find myself jealous at their pay rates.  I wonder if people who look back on their careers today, would make a change in their career if they applied what they know now today, back when they were entering university.

 I once took an object oriented programming (OOP) class in University which I struggled immensely with.  I could never have imagined myself doing that type of work as a career.  But now that I have a career and I place people with OOP skills, I might have put more thought into it then – now that I see the potential they have.

 But there is potential everywhere, isn’t there?

 I have a friend from high school who has been asking me to review his CV as he gets more professional experience to put on it.  He is currently working as an SAP ABAP programmer.  I wonder if he knows what kind of money he can be making in three years, because I certainly know where he should be!

 Does anyone else have these thoughts?  Would anyone else have made a career switch had they had more information?  As Rod Stewart would sing “I wish that I knew what I know, now when I was younger”.

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