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Tis the season?

Posted by sweens on July 7, 2009

Perhaps this blog is inspired by the holidays I took last week, but we have now entered ‘vacation’ season. This is something active job seekers need to take into account as the summer months continue to slow down the hiring process of any organization.

With the hot sun and kids out of school now, more and more employees are cashing in their banked holidays and taking a long needed rest from the usual ting florescent bulbs make over the next two months. What does this mean for the active job seeker?

This means that the hiring process for most organizations is going to slow down until the middle of September. Personally I would like to see some statistics on this, but it is something I have observed and something I hear from others in the industry. And frankly it just makes sense. Hiring managers and top executives who are needed to sign off on new hires or to conduct interviews are not going to be in the office as much over the next few months to drive the hiring process as quickly as possible.

 And let us all be honest here, when it is 30 degrees out and sunny on a Friday afternoon, where is the last place you want to be? WORK!!!!

What this means to the active job seeker is that you need to be prepared for a slower hiring cycle – especially in organizations that are large and have a lot of ‘red tape’ (organizations like Government departments or huge companies like IBM). It is not by their desire that the hiring process gets slowed down, but often times the people who are needed to sign off or authorize a new hire are just not around to do it.

All in all, I would say the next two months likely represent the two worst months of the year to be looking for a job. The economy is slow and so are the organizations who are still hiring. If you talk to any Government contractor who has contracted for a while, they typically try to avoid coming off a contract during the summer as to avoid this hiring cycle.

So hang in there and keep looking. Try to enjoy the nice weather while you’re at it!

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