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Staffing websites are all the same…

Posted by sweens on June 26, 2009

After a discussion with my VP today, has anyone else noticed how all staffing agencies relatively have the same content and ‘promises’ on their websites?

 Most agencies promise best fit candidates and unique staffing solutions to meet the changing needs of any organization.  This is usually achieved through a comprehensive screening process and an automated system which increases the candidates a client can have access to at any given time.

 Ultimately the goal is to start with your feet running – a database filled with thousands of candidates – to quickly match candidates to requirements.  While large corporations are likely to have a vast supply of resumes from applications, they usually lack the software or technology to store them and search them once they get a new requirement. 

 And thus you have the benefits of a staffing firm.  Obviously this is the view of the staffing industry from 30,000 feet; however it speaks to the promises made by every staffing firm.

4 Responses to “Staffing websites are all the same…”

  1. This is an excellent observation.

    I strongly agree with your position that most staffing firms offer the exact same value proposition. Beyond that, most of these “differentiators” are subjective at best and are therefore virtually impossible to either prove or refute. Furthermore, with all firms promising the same high standards of service and yet so many falling short on delivery it weakens if not eliminates the values themselves in the eyes of the clients. I would offer the argument that this lack of true differentiation has been a contributing factor the commoditization of the staffing industry over the past 10 years. How can the staffing firms expect clients to value their services when they themselves are unable to definitively articulate the value they bring?

  2. ashley said

    Hey, I am trying to find an agency that provides all employment services. I heard that International Workplace Consulting Pte Ltd is pretty decent. Anyone knows about it?

    • sweens said


      I am not sure what you are looking for based on your comment. Are you looking for a firm that staffs across multiple business lines (medical, engineering, financial, etc) or multiple positions within an organization? The link you sent me seems to be for an executive search firm. I unfortunately know very little aobut them.!


  3. Hi Tom,

    You’re right; most of the web sites say the exact (or almost exact) same thing, though, to be fair, I think it might be difficult for each of the 250-odd consulting firms in Ottawa to each come up with a totally unique value proposition. The best I can really try to do is prove my value once given the opportunity (this is also why I like to stick to the recruiting side and stay away from the sales side).

    By the way, you must be doing well if you’re getting trolls on your site. I’d consider that a compliment. Kudos.


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