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Staffing websites are all the same…

Posted by sweens on June 26, 2009

After a discussion with my VP today, has anyone else noticed how all staffing agencies relatively have the same content and ‘promises’ on their websites?

 Most agencies promise best fit candidates and unique staffing solutions to meet the changing needs of any organization.  This is usually achieved through a comprehensive screening process and an automated system which increases the candidates a client can have access to at any given time.

 Ultimately the goal is to start with your feet running – a database filled with thousands of candidates – to quickly match candidates to requirements.  While large corporations are likely to have a vast supply of resumes from applications, they usually lack the software or technology to store them and search them once they get a new requirement. 

 And thus you have the benefits of a staffing firm.  Obviously this is the view of the staffing industry from 30,000 feet; however it speaks to the promises made by every staffing firm.

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