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If it wasn’t for the last minute: Nothing would get done…

Posted by sweens on June 8, 2009

Well here I am again looking to screen candidates against tough Government skills grids at the last minute.  I find myself reminiscing of being back in University and staying up all night trying to finish my 50 page paper the night before it was due.  At the time, that was common practice for me.  I have always enjoyed and thrived while working under pressure – perhaps which is why I like refereeing so much!

 But this is still a stressful adventure.  I came into today, one day behind my deadline with two positions left to fill.  Coming in on the weekend did not really help lighten the work load, but luckily I got one position filled today, and have the other one about fifty percent done.  And really I have to thank the candidates who have given me the time of day to help me complete my work.

 Who knew finding Documentation Specialists would be so hard?

 I certainly did not, but am learning the hard way.  I think I more or less just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has worked with my today although none of you are likely to read this.  I should be able to complete my project within the deadline – but like most projects – the last minute is sure to turn up some challenges…

Am I the only one who works this way???

One Response to “If it wasn’t for the last minute: Nothing would get done…”

  1. You are not, sir. I’m far better working at the last minute (hence why I’m writing on your blog in the middle of the work day). There are days where I know it’s just better for me to leave work at the usual time, go home, have dinner, play with the kid, and then get my work done some time around midnight. On those nights, staying at work late would not have made me more efficient (I’m also lucky to be able to do a lot of work from home when necessary). The ticking of the clock really focuses one’s efforts.

    Last week, I had a deadline of 3:00 pm on Friday. I got everything completely finished at packaged up at about 1:00 pm. I considered that a grand achievement.

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