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Invite me…Invite me

Posted by sweens on June 2, 2009

Perhaps my blog for today is more of a ‘rant’ – inspired by Rick Mercer – however I have a complaint I would like to share with everyone who is using LinkedIn.

Why do people send me an email asking me to invite them?

Clearly you already have my email address, so just add me!  My profile states that I am an open networker.  In fact, my name includes my email address when you view my profile so people can invite me at their discretion.  If you have reached the maximum number of invites you can send, simply send LinkedIn a request to increase your limit and they will do so.

As member of the group, I have run into my limit twice now and have had no problem increasing my limit.  Take the time to invite people yourself, rather then making more work and getting the invites sent to you…

6 Responses to “Invite me…Invite me”

  1. See, this is why God created blogs – so that we could rant about things that, viewed from the outside, seem trivial, but are actually incredibly important in maintaining our sanity when we spend so many hours in front of a computer.

    I’ve never actually received such a request through LinkedIn; I think I’d have a similar reaction to yours, if I did.

    …that or I’d assume the person didn’t know how to use LinkedIn, and then cast a (likely unfair) judgement on them.

  2. Doug Brown said

    Tom – I feel the same way. I think most people are just not aware that they can get more invites from LinkedIn when they reach the 3000 limit simply by asking for them. I get particularly annoyed when the person sending me the email only has about 100 connections (I have about 3300 now). In that case, they obviously have plenty of invites left and common sense and common courtesy dictates that the person who wishes to initiate contact should use their invite, especially if they aren’t bringing anything close to the same number of connections to the table.

  3. Andrea Bross said

    Hi. I must agree with Jonathan’s thoughts. However, there is one other reason that might apply. Isn’t there a fixed number of invitations that can be sent? Perhaps the person has used up all of their available invitations? I know that somewhere on my profile it says that I have 49 available invitations left. Maybe the person in question has come across the same restraint.

    That’s just my two cents. Happy Linking!

  4. Rene Flohr said

    Having made every “rookie” mistake on LinkedIn within the first year…like…I don’t know…inviting EVERYONE that ever went to CAL…I thought…if we both graduated from the same University….by all means… why wouldnt you want to be connected to me? Unlike Facebook…Linkedin slowly shuts you down…pendulum swings…I will only invite people that I ABSOLUTELY know..WELL…I will be a model LI citizen…but wait…how does this guy have 28,000 connects??? His a LION…I am a Scorpio…maybe there is a Group for that…I’ll JOIN!

    Let me share the “policies” as I have gotten them…myself from LI Staff

    ~~~~ FIRST NOTE FROM ME ~~~~

    Customer (Rene Flohr) 04/30/2009 12:53 PM
    Can I get additional Invites? I have joined an open networking group and I am unable to Invite fellow linked-in members from that group? I never knew there was a limit on the number of invites I could send out.



    ~~~~ NEXT NOTE BACK FROM LI ~~~~~~~~~

    Maximum Number of Invites reached

    Discussion Thread
    Response (LinkedIn – Michaela) 05/04/2009 08:31 AM
    Dear Rene,

    We allow users to invite trusted contacts into their network without knowing the users exact email address. We believe this feature provides an alternative method to connect with members. We also monitor all the invitations being sent and received. If too many invitations are declined with the “I don’t know” reply or reported as spam, an automated restriction is triggered. This assists in protecting the privacy of our users and is in accordance with the LinkedIn User Agreement.

    We would like to share some tips to prevent any further restrictions to your account.

    1) Only use your invitations for individuals who you know.
    2) The reconnect feature should be used solely to reconnect with individuals that you personally knew through a mutual employer or through attending the same educational institution.
    3) If there are individuals that you wish to connect with, but they do not fall under the two categories listed above – we then encourage you to use our other features which include InMail, OpenLink or Introduction requests.
    4) Shared group membership does not guarantee the acceptance of invitations. Please follow the above guidelines when you are sending invitations to connect to fellow group members.

    Invitations are the foundation for all members and should be used as a valuable commodity to build and strengthen your personal network.

    A reply to this email stating that you understand and agree to our policies will result in the lifting of the restriction from your account and we will then be able to grant you additional invitations.

    We look forward to hearing from you to assist further.

    LinkedIn Privacy Team

    ~~~~ NEXT NOTE FROM ME ~~~~
    LinkedIn Privacy Team,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I understand and agree to your policies.

    Rene Flohr

    ~~~~~ LAST NOTE FROM LI ~~~~~

    Dear Rene,

    Thank you for agreeing to our policies. We have received your request for an invitation increase. You have been granted 500 new invitations. Please keep in mind that eligibility occurs every thirty days. It is based upon a combination of accepted invitations opposed to the number sent and your allotted invitations must have been used.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

    LinkedIn Privacy Team

    …so…since I am “monitored” by the LI staff…I just feel like I have gotten “lucky”…they granted me 500 invites…I need to hold on to them dearly…just case I need another invite…if I abuse them…and I am already down to under 200 left….from the orginal 500
    and then it’s NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

    so…who out there to Quote Elaine…is “invite-worthy”

    What you are saying is that you can get 500 invites ..EVERY 30 days…okay…I’ll try it!


    3,500 today 30,000 tomorrow!

  5. Jo said

    I so agree with you. I’ve had people invite me that have under 100 connections so I know they have not run out of invitations. I’ve had people send a request for me to invite them when they are running out of invitations, and they don’t even include the url of their LinkedIn profile. So if I am interested, that means I have to do a search for their name and rarely do I bother.

  6. Ilian Hafouzov said

    Hi there,

    While I agree, there is another problem. I have received a lot of these messages to invite and I understand the rationale behind them. Very often, people hit “I Don’t Know”, and LinkedIn has a policy to ban you from inviting new users if so many users IDK you – and I am sure the number is very low, maybe as low as 10. I am also hitting this problem, and as a result my account is constantly restricted to add more users – just when I write to LI customer service to have the restriction lifted and they do it, apparently some of the past users I’ve invited IDK me and my account is restricted again (I hardly invite new people anymore, I get enough incoming invitations already).

    So, sending a message in advance, asking the person to connect with you but not giving the option to just press I Don’t Know This Person is a good way around the restriction. Yes, there is the Archive button as well, but many users either don’t know to use it or simply don’t care.

    Also, bear in mind one can send messages to fellow members of a group and to 2nd level connection without actually knowing their email addresses, and in some cases this can be send as a mass message, and people do it without reading the profile to check if one’s email is shown somewhere in the profile.

    My two cents.



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