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Invite me…Invite me

Posted by sweens on June 2, 2009

Perhaps my blog for today is more of a ‘rant’ – inspired by Rick Mercer – however I have a complaint I would like to share with everyone who is using LinkedIn.

Why do people send me an email asking me to invite them?

Clearly you already have my email address, so just add me!  My profile states that I am an open networker.  In fact, my name includes my email address when you view my profile so people can invite me at their discretion.  If you have reached the maximum number of invites you can send, simply send LinkedIn a request to increase your limit and they will do so.

As member of the group, I have run into my limit twice now and have had no problem increasing my limit.  Take the time to invite people yourself, rather then making more work and getting the invites sent to you…

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