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Scarce resources: Not so scarce anymore??

Posted by sweens on May 21, 2009

Perhaps I am reading into things, but I am certainly leaning towards the notion that the current labour conditions have affected any type of IT position around. I say this because in the last two weeks I have had two requirements that I normally would struggle to find someone for – but for some reason, I have turned up numerous quality candidates.

I am speaking about SharePoint and SAP resources. While finding candidates with this skill set may not seem to be difficult, finding ones that have a secret level of clearance is.

Yet for some reason these once ‘scarce’ resources do not seem so hard to find. While I am sure I will not be able to place everyone I have been speaking to, this is certainly giving me the opportunity to build my book of candidates and grow my network.

Whatever is going on right now is good for any recruiter who will be around once the economy comes back. Building up your database now should be a priority for any and every staffing firm.

One Response to “Scarce resources: Not so scarce anymore??”

  1. I’ve been seeing the same thing. Not only are some people available who wouldn’t have been in the past, but a lot of consultants are reducing their rates, knowing that they have to be a lot more competitive.

    And you’re final paragraph is right on target. Though we all won’t survive this downturn, those recruiters that do (and I plan to be one of them), should really be able to pad their networks and databases and come out even stronger on the other side of the recession.

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