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Specializing in SAP

Posted by sweens on April 21, 2009

As I currently look to staff a specialized SAP position, I can see the dollar value of the contract increase with the more specialized SAP module required. Not only is working in the SAP market big dollars, but working on a rare SAP module like Plant Maintenance (PM) or Master Data Management (MDM) commands even higher dollars.

As discussed before, this is likely driven by the fact that specific SAP training costs big bucks. But training is not the only component needed to become one of these specialty SAP consultants. On the job experience is also required so get as much of it as you can.

 It must be one of the only IT jobs where you can easily make over $100,000 with 5 years of experience.

One Response to “Specializing in SAP”

  1. kiran said

    About PR Erp Solutions pvt ltd

    “PReRP” offers a wide range of long-term and short-term SAP courses catering to each individual’s unique requirements by using the best faculty with good experience in real time environment.. The best thing about this course is that, not only does it offer you comprehensive training for long period, but also gives you a on-the-job learning experience

    Eligibility & Training & Placement Criteria:-

    You are BE / MBA / MCA / CA / ICWA / / M.Sc / PGDBA / Any Graduate / PG and are willing to migrate to SAP.

    TARGET AUDIENCE – Who will benefit from this course

    • People who are not formally trained on SAP but have lot of domain experience.

    • People working as an end user / super user of SAP or worked for a support project.

    • People who have been trained on SAP from local institutes or Siemens ( SAP Certified ) and still not getting a job in SAP world. Due to lack of experience and professional documentation.

    Courses Provided

    We expertise in providing real-time application training on Modules such as SAP (PS,BW, FICO)

    Back ground of trainers

    Our trainers are all well experienced and have worked in US and other countries and have got REAL TIME PROJECT exposure

    Course schedule
    Currently we have batches going on BW, PS, FICO.For people who are busy and not able to make it on week days .we have special batches conducted on weekends

    For more details :
    Please get in touch me at
    Mob : +91-9866227486

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