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Best Overall Value: Price VS Score

Posted by sweens on April 9, 2009

For candidates who do not know how Government contracting works, here is a very brief crash course.  The main premise will be that they are looking for the best value for their dollar (their dollar being yours and mine tax dollars). 


Your typical requirement with a Government contract will come with a skills grid containing both mandatory and rated requirements.  You must meet all the mandatory requirements in order to be deemed compliant to have the technical authority score you on the rated requirements.


Once you get to the rated requirements, there is usually a minimum score.  This is typically sixty of seventy percent.  From there, if you pass the minimum score you are deemed compliant and then it becomes a mathematical calculation as to your score compared to your price where the best price per point wins. 




As such, candidates should be aware that the lower their per diem is the better price per point score they will achieve.  The onus is not only on the candidate to lower their per diem, as firms who are looking for a large mark up on the candidates per diem may also price themselves out of the competition.


Another fun fact to think about in the contracting game…

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