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Summertime: Not so hot for contracting

Posted by sweens on April 3, 2009

If you speak to enough people who contract into the Federal Government, they will tell you that coming off a contract in the middle of the summer is not the most ideal situation. ‘Government’ has a tendency to shut down or seriously slow down during the summer months as employees cash in lengthy weeks of vacation.

As such, contracting into the Federal Government presents less opportunity during the summer months then at other points in the year. Candidates should be aware that Government contracting typically has spending cycles:

  • After the fiscal year once new budgets are released
  • After the Summer
  • Before fiscal year end

Coming off contract during these times will likely give you the best opportunity of finding another contract quickly.

Candidates who are looking into contracts now should pay attention to the duration of the contracts, as 3-4 month contracts being issued now will leave you coming off contract in the lull time of the summer months. Just something else to think about in the always fun game of Government contracting!

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