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Closure during a relocation – just like after a break up

Posted by sweens on April 1, 2009

I have brought it up before under a different light, but in today’s business of permanent placements, employers will be seeking more information on why a candidate is prepared to move positions as they want to make sure they are making the right move when pulling the trigger and hiring a permanent employee.

Before, we looked at someone who is making the move from contracting into a permanent role. What motivations does this person have for making such a move? Can an employer look past such a move when comparing one candidate to another? What about relocation? Is relocating someone for a permanent position a viable staffing solution in today’s economy?

I have met candidates who have relocated for new positions that have ultimately not worked out the way they had hoped for and found themselves in an unfavourable working situation shortly after the move. When I started at Procom one of my first closes was a contractor who was Canadian but working in Texas and decided to gamble on a contract back in Ottawa. Granted it did not work out and the contract fell through some 8 days or so into the contract.

If this situation happened with someone who signed on as an employee, the company would have to offer them severance and likely through some dollars at the candidate to help cover the cost of relocation. While moves of this nature are often required, candidates need to be prepared to explain a career move that may seem a bit extreme in the eyes of the employer.

It is not uncommon for candidates to travel for opportunities and then decide they eventually would like to return to their roots. This simply needs to be conveyed to the recruiter or the employer. New grads travelling for their first break is a great move. People returning to a city where they have family is also a great move.

Moves such as these give any employer a bit of closure when they bring in a candidate that has had to relocate. Closure being something any employer will be looking for these days.

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