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Understanding the organization: A key element to any placement

Posted by sweens on March 24, 2009

Often times in the staffing industry the firm who can connect with candidates quicker then the other firms, can often win the business.  Unfortunately, in this situation, details are often left out (or not known yet) and the ability to completely understand the opportunity for all that it has to offer can escape the candidate.


I recently visited my corporate office in a different city and was interested to see the different culture that takes place in that office compared to my office.  While both cities sell the same services in different cities, the way they go about business and the values they have differ substantially.  This has gotten me thinking about how much importance the work environment has on a persons willingness to accept a new position (contract or permanent).


I suspect that with a contract, the work environment is not as important when compared to that of a permanent role.  As a contractor you can simply show up to work, bill your hours and then go home.  When the contract is finished you are able to disappear into the night.  When you are contracting you are expected to be an expert for the requirement you are filling and come in to do a specific job.  The work environment is more likely to be less of a deciding factor for a contract position as the contractor will not be tied to this organization for an unseen amount of time.


With a permanent position, you are going to join the company and ultimately follow the company direction and company values in providing whatever service(s) that company provides.  You are likely to be assimilated into the culture of the organization and when you join, you usually join under the assumption of being there for quite some time.  In this case, company culture comes into play.


I mention these points because I think working in an environment that you do not enjoy or with people you can not get along with is likely a poor career move for any individual.  Being unhappy with a place where you spend the majority of your week is not something anyone would really want to do.  Candidates should work with recruiters to understand the values of the company (hard work, education, punctuality, etc) when working on a given opportunity.


Candidates should also use the interview process to find out as much information about the hiring company as possible.  Just because you go in for an interview, does not mean you can not interview the company.  It is likely an undesirable venture to join a company only to learn that the environment is not suitable for you.  Something to think about when you get that next big offer!



“Success in life is that your kids want to spend time with you once they’ve grown up.”


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