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Recruiting Industry: Money to be made…

Posted by sweens on March 20, 2009

Lately I have tried to keep up with the recruiting industry and monitor how the industry is performing on the whole.  By industry I am referring to the recruitment industry rather then the industries people recruit in.  The general consensus seems to be that things are slower then desired.  While the need for recruitment services still exist today, that need has obviously declined with the economy.


However, as a recruiter I am excited for the future of recruitment.  Perhaps it is just my industry of recruitment (Information Technology) but I can foresee the need for requirement – on the large scale – once the economy comes back around and starts growing again.  The challenge for many will simply to be around once that curve starts to climb. 


The need for IT recruitment should be needed because today’s market is going to create some unfavourable situation with employers.  Employees will be working for less then market value and in positions they are not overly keen on in an effort to ride out this economic wave. Once the economy grows again, these employees will likely look for an organizational change.  Once those employees leave, employers will have to deal with two challenges.


Keeping up with their internal growth and replacing employees who have moved on to other organizations.  These factors should reflect the greatest staffing challenges most IT companies will face in years to come.  I know several recruiters who would be happy to help any organization meet these challenges moving forward.


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