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The hiring cycle: What does it say about the employer?

Posted by sweens on March 4, 2009

Based on my lunch-time conversation from today with my colleagues, employers should be aware of the ‘brand’ they are creating for themselves as they go through their hiring cycle with candidates.  Some clients have a slow hiring cycle and others have an accelerated one.  Each cycle depends on the organization and their current circumstances.  Candidates should work with their recruiter (or HR contact) to establish a timeline as to how long the hiring cycle should take.


As I have said before, the recruitment industry has a unique relationship between the customer and the service provider.  It is unique because the customer needs to provide feedback to the service provider so that they can continue performing their service to the best of their ability.


What do I mean by this?


I mean that when an employer receives a resume from a recruiting firm they need to sit down with whoever needs to see that resume and evaluate the resume.  They need to decide if they want to proceed to an interview of if they are not interested in the candidate. 


However simply saying “yes” or “no” does not help your recruiting firm.  If it is a “yes” the employer should be explaining why they like the person and where they may see any challenges.  This will allow the candidate to be better prepared for an interview rather then walking blinding into a situation that may be unfavourable.  Simply saying “no” does not do any good either because the recruiter is clearly a little off in his/her search so the feedback the customer can provide (I did not like this person because…) will help the recruiter alter their search on the next round of candidates.


Without this give and take relationship between customer and service provider, the hiring cycle will be slowed down where it does not need to be.


Why do employers need to be cognisant of this?


What message are you sending to a candidate who is interested in working for your company when you firstly get their resume and then take a week to get back to them?  You then wait two weeks to grant them an interview and then decide to make them an offer three weeks after that?  It certainly is not a good message.


This type of a hiring cycle leaves doubt in the mind of candidates.  It leaves them wondering if they should be seeking employment with your company.  You may find this shocking but it happens all the time.  Companies with a good market brand often have long or poor hiring cycles that leave a bad taste in the mouths of their candidates. 


It is for this reason that the hiring cycle is an important element to any company’s human resources practice.  It is also important for the recruiting firm to make their clients aware that the relationship between them must be of a ‘give and take’ nature in order to be a successful one and address their staffing issues promptly.  Employers need to be aware that dragging out a hiring cycle can often turn away good candidates who have heard bad things about the company. 


Remember, bad news spreads quicker then good news.  What news do you want to hear about your company?

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