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Warning: Application may take up to one year to be processed…

Posted by sweens on February 27, 2009

When you are considering applying for a position with the Federal Government these days, you may get discouraged to see the following note on many of their application pages:

Please note that our recruitment process may take up to a year. We understand that during this time you may have questions or would like to know the status of your application. We ask that you be patient throughout the process and that you keep the contact information you have provided current. “

  While this message may seem discouraging, the truth behind it is even worse.  Having many friends who have been applying to Government jobs as of late, the hiring cycle is growing close to two years.  I know some individuals who have been caught up in this candidate pool for up to 22 months from the time they started the process to the time they finished it. 


Candidates who are applying to Federal Government positions should not be expecting a quick turn around with their application.  The norm is more like little feedback with long waits between each stage of the process.  With the number of the Government employees expected to retire within the next five years, the Government needs to address its current hiring cycle and speed the process up or else it will find itself in a position where the people coming in will not match the number of people going out. 


Please visit the Public Service Commission website to apply for most Federal Government of Canada jobs.

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