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LinkedIn Groups: Now posting jobs….

Posted by sweens on February 24, 2009

With the recent updates LinkedIn implemented last week, I truly believe that LinkedIn has separated itself from the many social networking tools on the market today. Many of the recent upgrades made to the LinkedIn site seemed inspired by customer requests. It is finally great to see a company listening to the needs of their clients and translating those needs into a quality product.

While a lot of the changes surround appearance and overall layout of the site – the contact and personal information is laid out in a much more user friendly fashion. I was using LinkedIn today and noticed that the changes to the contact pages are still ongoing so I suspect changes are still to come.

LinkedIn also launched the new Talent Direct product as part of its corporate solution suite of business tools. This new product should enable its users to source multiple urgent positions at the same time. This beefed up version of LinkedIn Recruiter is like adding steroids to your normal LinkedIn account.

Finally, the most advantageous change that I have seen for the average user is the new group function which allows you to post jobs. Many of the groups I was previously in were already posting jobs through the group discussions; however each group now has a specific section designed for job postings. Since the basic LinkedIn account is free, joining groups and looking for jobs is a great way for candidates to search industry specific jobs.

Just another way to get a leg up on the competition…

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