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Air Canada: Next big Canadian company in trouble?

Posted by sweens on February 18, 2009

Yahoo News is reporting that Air Canada, Canada’s biggest airline, may have to file for bankruptcy if it can not secure additional funding.  Reports from earlier in the month indicate that cash collected by Air Canada for operations will be insufficient to meet rising pension funding obligations and over $1 Billion of debt repayment over the next two years. 

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One Response to “Air Canada: Next big Canadian company in trouble?”

  1. Imane said

    Question: I read this morning the new Europe pass advertising at AC website…. I am confused. Why would I spend 21,000+ and add in the taxes for 4 round trip C class fares ….. as I can pay less when I can buy them as needed. Is this a hint as to why this airline is in trouble again?….. This looks great when you first read it BUT just do the simple math and you soon find out that AC is in serious trouble and not hiding it….. Please give us over 23K taxes included and we promise we’ll be around for the next twelve months for you to be able to use the seats…. and oh yes please do not check the pricing online as you may find that it is cheaper than the offer we are making to you……. What a joke of an airline….My gosh no wonder they are expected in bankruptcy hearings before the end of Feb…… Ottawa to the rescue again…… Great thanks for spending my hard earned tax dollars that I make for you on such an idiocy…….. PLEASE HELP US ALL!!!

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