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Post Interview Feedback…

Posted by sweens on February 3, 2009


An important step in the recruiter/candidate relationship is the post interview feedback.  This can easily be a step that gets passed over from one opportunity to the next but it is one that can be very beneficial.  Recruiters on the whole want to be kept up to date anytime a candidate gets to interact with their clients so it certainly makes us feel good.


This step also allows a recruiter to find out what how the client interviews.  What types of questions they ask.  What they are interested in during an interview?  It is not uncommon for a client to say we are looking for “x” and once they interview someone who has “x” they tell that candidate that “x” is not important to them at all.  Letting your recruiter know what questions were asked can allow any miscommunication to get sorted our sooner rather then later.


The feedback any candidate can also provide to a recruiter following the interview will allow the firm representing you to appropriately seek out the hiring manager for feedback and allow them to have an informed conversation on your behalf.  All in all it is a quick 2 minute conversation that helps the process.  What have you got to lose?

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