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Recruiter workload is rising…

Posted by sweens on January 28, 2009

With more people hitting job boards looking for work these days, the workload for recruiters will certainly increase with each order.  I have personally spent half of my days this week sorting through applications and answering emails for the jobs that I have posted.  They seem to have generated a higher then normal volume of traffic and it is slowly eating away at the hours within my day.


It is fairly common for a new position to generate a lot of traffic once it hits the job boards but it generally dies down 24 hours after the posting first goes up.  This trend, combined with recruiters emailing possible candidates within their applicant tracking systems usually makes for a busy first 24 hours.  The first 24 hours of any new position are critical to generating a successful pipeline of candidates for any given position.  The more people you can touch in a short period of time, the best chance you have of finding the right candidate for your position.


It just means I am a little slow at returning phone calls these days…


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