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Where do I find jobs online? Or how do I get found?

Posted by sweens on December 23, 2008

I’m thinking that today’s post with be relatively short due to the Christmas Poker Game that is scheduled to begin in my office in a short while.  Today’s post will be talking about the job boards people should be searching on when they are looking for a new job.  I think we should focus on two aspects of finding a job.  1 – When a person wants to be found but isn’t really looking for a job.  Recruiters call these type of candidates ‘passive candidates’, and it really means that they aren’t looking to make a move (they are almost always employed) but would consider listening to a new opportunity to see if it was greater then what they currently have.  2 – When a person is going out on the internet and searching for a new opportunity.  This is done frequently by contractors and are referred to as ‘active candidates’. 

Let’s deal with passive candidates first.  Since passive candidates aren’t pounding on the job boards looking for new positions, the best way to remain in the labour market is to be found.  This is mainly done by social networking or by branding yourself online.  Let’s look at what are my most common methods for attractive a passive candidate.  The first is by searching  Here a candidate can upload their resume where companies can pay to search these resumes.  Simple and effective.  Posting your resume on Monster can generate a lot of traffic coming your way but may prove to be in your best interest as you never know what opportunities are out there and who’s looking for someone just like you.  The second option I would recommend is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook for professionals.  Any individual can create an account for free and ‘market’ themselves.  It allows you to create a moderate sized profile of yourself from personal interests to professional experience.  I find LinkedIn useful because of the group function which allows you to connect with like minded professionals.  There are groups for every facet of the work force.  The biggest benefit I get from LinkedIn as a recruiter is that the people on LinkedIn are open to sharing information, which is the whole idea behind social networking.  People offer tips on where to find candidates, who’s hiring, what to search for, etc.  LinkedIn allows you to view profiles of people you are interested in speaking to, you can ask for introductions or recommendations.  All in all its a great tool.  While not highly used, LinkedIn is also a source for people to post jobs.  Something worth checking out…

Secondly, we should discuss active candidates and where they should be headed when they are searching for a job.  You have more options this way.  Commonly used job boards are probably the best place to start.  These are sites like Workopolis, Jobs in Canada, Monster, etc.  Some sites that aren’t used as commonly are city based classified sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji.  I would also recommend people searching for jobs in speciality groups.  For example, Ottawa has an Asterisks User group which I used to search for an Asterisk developer.  Google has a tone of speciality groups that can be overly useful.  You can also look for speciality sites like HigherBracket, which specialize in posting jobs for positions that pay over 100K. 

While the options seems almost limitless, it is important to tailor your job search in such a way that will attract as much attention to you as possible – as well as putting the jobs of greatest interest to you in front of you as much as possible.  I guess that last recommendation I could offer would be to check a companies website as it should be frequently update with the most recent positions.  Perhaps my inspiration for this posting was that I have posted numerous jobs – both yesterday and today – in hopes of generating some traffic over the holidays.  Good luck to everyone in their job searches.


One Response to “Where do I find jobs online? Or how do I get found?”

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