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Welcome to blogging…

Posted by sweens on December 16, 2008

Well this is going to be my first post as an online blogger.  It certainly has been something I have been interested in for a while.  As a Technical Recruiter I have had the ability to review resumes of candidates who are big into social blogging and evaluate some of their work to see the benefits or short comings blogging can offer.  I have recently strived to dig deep into the vast pocket of social networking (particularly with LinkedIn) and used the power of the Internet as best as possible.

I guess that brings me to the idea of what my blog should be about.  I live an interesting lifestyle one could say in that I essentially work two full time jobs.  I am Technical Recruiter by day.  I’m employed by Procom Consultants Group in their Ottawa office.  At the moment I am responsible for all the recruitment that takes place out of the Ottawa office.  The list of responsibilities that I have include (but as a resume should always say – but isn’t limited to) Recruitment Technologies,  Recruitment Process Best Practices, Labour Market Analysis, Performance-Based Job Descriptions, Behavioural-Based Interviewing Techniques and Attraction and Acquisition Strategies.  Through training received at Procom I have taken some sales training (via SalesForce) as well as Performance-Based-Hiring (via The Adler Group).  But more importantly, what I have quickly noticed in my short recruiting background is that to be succcessful in this job requires a lot of effort from your co-workers to show you how the job is done.  I think at times people can assume that recruiting is simply someone sitting down reviewing resumes when really there is so much more that goes into it.  As an individual who reviews resumes on a daily basis (sometimes hundreds) it would be fair to say that resume writing isn’t the strongest skill-set many individuals have.  Therefore it is any recruiters job to be able to read through the words on your resume and extract what information can be found between the lines.  With todays economy in whatever state it is in, if a company is engaging any recruiting, head-hunting, professional service firm, they need to be very sure of what they are getting as their is a premium fee associated with any placement.  Simply matching resumes to job descriptions isn’t enough in todays day and age and that’s the real benefit a recruiter with a solid recruiting process can bring to any organization looking to expand.  I sort of got off track there but I think the point was more to say that I would not still be employed as a recruiter if it wasn’t for my colleagues who took the time to train me, show me how to properly evaluate and assess candidates as well as work with me during the learning curve.  The exciting thing for me about recruiting is that it changes.  Every job is different and every person is different, ultimately meaning that every recruit is different.  And I once heard that variety is the spice of life so that seems like a good match for me…

Now I earlier mentioned that I had two jobs.  My ‘night job’ if you will is that as an on-ice hockey official.  I said it was that of a full time job because that is what it has become for me.  I take it very seriously as it is something has I have been doing for quite some time now (entering my tenth season).  Is there a career in it for me?  Who knows?  Sometimes I think yes but most times I doubt it.  When I say career I ultimately mean is there a spot to officiate in the NHL for me?  It’s a difficult road.  The interesting thing about referees I find and perhaps why it is such a close group of people is that no-one grows up and says “I want to be a referee”.  It’s not something you spend your childhood working at because everyone wants to make it as a player.  For me I wasn’t very good at playing but gradually progressed as an official and it has taken me to amazing places.  I have been fortunate enough to work 4 national championships and represent Hockey Canada.  I have a full time position with the Ontario Hockey League.  I’ve been able to travel.  See some amazing players and some amazing events.  I say this not to brag as I have been much more fortunate then many officials and would not be in the position I am without the help of many, however the love for the game is the easiet motivation for any official to continue striving to work harder and try to improve.  In order to make it to the ‘show’ as we would call it, requires much hard work from gym time to skating lessons, to rule knowledge and theory.  It certainly hasn’t been easy going from one ‘job’ to another ‘job’ but I’m passionate about both and it keeps me out of trouble. 

I guess it’s time to wrap this up as there is some much need recruiting that needs to take place.  I started this blog with the idea of trying to find out what this blog should be about and I think I ramlbed on more about myself then needed to.  However I did come out of this with an idea that this blog should be about the labour market, recruitment, how to find a job, tips, etc from the eyes of a recruiter.  Many of the individuals I come across have little idea on how to market themselves properly to the labour market when really they would be sought after by any company in the region.  I am by no means suggesting that I am an expert, because really I’m not.  I’m still learning, after every phone call, every interview and every position.  Perhaps this will be a place where I just write down my thoughts and you can take them for what they are worth. 

If anyone does read this and would like to send me a copy of their CV for future reference or simply to discuss, I would be happy to.  Procom specializes in IT staffing.  Here in Ottawa we deal with both the private and public sector so our portfolio of clients is diverse.  You can send me an email with or without your CV to: .

I hope the ramblings weren’t to painful…

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